Testoviron 250 (MAX PRO) 250 mg/ml

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Product: Testoviron 250
Manufacturer: Max Pro
Quantity: 250mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Enanthate

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Description and Uses

Testoviron 250 is an anabolic and androgenic steroid containing an active substance testosterone enanthate. This long and gradually acting ester is extremely popular among bodybuilders and athletes as its mechanism of action is quite analogous to naturally produced testosterone. It promotes the development of increased muscle mass with rapid amplification of strength and power.

The anabolic-androgenic rating is 100 and it contributes in the production red blood cells and augmented protein synthesis.These effects make it extremely widely-held in the field of weight lifters and bodybuilders. Testoviron is not an ordinary steroid, it is slowly released into the blood stream, but produces a relatively persistent effect in terms of pumping muscle effect and lasting strengthening features.

It drastically promotes quick recovery after a strenuous physical effort or any muscle injury due to its rejuvenating effects. Testoviron is known to be a bulking agent; however, it can also be used during defining periods if supplemented by cutting agents such as winstrol or other anti-estrogens to combat noticeable water retention and fat build up.

Dosage and course

The normal dosage of testoviron is 250-750 mg/week. It is considered to be highly sufficient for noteworthy muscle gains.

The half-life period of this compound is 14 days. Therefore, weekly dosage is usually recommended to reduce the number of daily administrations.

For necessary clinical purposes, Testoviron is usually dosed in the range of 100-200 mg/week.

In bulking cycles, it is usually stacked with a praiseworthy bulking agent Dianabol or Deca-durabolin to get accentuated effects.

The optimal cycle length is 8-10 weeks.


Testoviron - is a synthetic analog of the sex hormone testosterone-male.

Used widely in medicine sport and, in particular, in bodybuilding. synthetic testosterone has all the same properties as natural testosterone.


The preparation course is conducted with a focus on the construction of muscle of the body of the athlete. As an additional effect, they are the properties of burning fat.

Whenever the good administration of the drug and the body is one sufficient amount of materials for the construction of the muscles, athletes get to good muscle growth, while burning excess body fat.

Start with the necessary minimum rate, gradually increasing doses. This system is ideal for beginners to bodybuilding, as well as the athletes have fear of side effects.

An important observation that should be taken into account is the obligatory presence post cycle therapy. That caused this? In the first place so that the drug, as well as many others on the basis of testosterone, is typical of this group of side effects of steroids. Reception of special groups of drugs at the time of passage once the course of therapy can reduce the risk of possible manifestations, and in some cases, improve the effectiveness of the action of steroid.


As mentioned previously, the dose of the drug is calculated for all groups and categories of athletes who undoubtedly makes it a versatile tool for all types of athletes.

For beginner bodybuilders proper dosage is 250 mg per week. There are cases in which some athletes consume approximately about 1000 mg per week. As a general rule, they were vary professional athletes, who have vast experience of the reception of various types and amounts of anabolic steroids.

Do not abuse the increase of the dose of the drug, since necessarily creeps to the occurrence of side effects.

In addition, monitoring of their health during the course is préférable. In the event of any comments or unexpected symptoms, it is necessary to stop taking the medication and consult a doctor.


In general, the network that includes a review of prevalent drug positive. The athletes say that in a relatively short period of time, they were able to significantly increase and put on muscle mass. Some bodybuilders noted that this steroid produces results that are not comparable with other similar or similar preparations.

For one even greater effect, the drug can be combined with other steroids, as well as all known complex of today's sports nutrition.

It is also important and is considered to be object of special diet for a set of muscle mass.


The excessive increase of the dose of the drug can lead to unwanted side effects.

Given that the product it is essentially a synthetic analog of testosterone, some of this and follow all of its side effects, namely the retention of water, Gynecomastia, high blood pressure and press. Therefore, it is very important during the course constantly monitor and monitor their health.

Also, for the same purpose and is then used that type of change with the well-known drug therapy, such as tamoxifen, Clomid. Despite the side effects, the implementation of all the recommendations will lead to a more positive than negative.


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