Ovigil Sanzyme (1x5000 IU)

Ovigil Sanzyme (1x5000 IU)

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Product: Ovigil
Manufacturer: Sanzyme
Pack: 5000IU

Steroid cycle: PCT

Active substance: Human chorionic gonadotropin

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Ovigil Sanzyme (1 x 5000 IU)

Description and Uses

Ovigil is a drug that is typically used during the post steroid therapy. The active substance is Human chorionic gonadotropin. Ovigil is perfect in its co-existence with anabolic steroids as well. It can efficiently maintain the muscle mass growth and strength enhancement. This HCG mimetic can effectively manage the side effects of the steroids. HCG is actually naturally produced by the placenta in pregnancy.

It necessarily stimulates ovulation in females and aids in the treatment of hypogonadism in males. Therefore, it compensates the hormonal disturbance caused due to steroid cycle. Ovigil further sustains the muscle size and strength. Research has suggested that sport nutrition must be used in the period of intense workout to provide the extreme muscle mass effect.

Sanzyme- A widely held pharmaceutical company got established in 1969 and based in India. It has a variety of applications in the fields of gynecology, cardiology and oral health care.Sanzyme was completely taken over by India after 2011 and involved in the quality manufacture of probiotics and numerous hormone alternatives.

Dosage and course

The recommended dose is 500 mg/week.

As synthetic hormone is usually dosed in units of IU; therefore, the recommended dose is 2000-5000 IU after every 5 days.

The duration of the course is 3-4 weeks.

The half-life period is approx. 32 hours.

Ovigil can be stacked with Tamoxifen for sufficient reimbursement of effects.

Ovigil - a new drug from an Indian manufacturer. It contains in its composition a substance gonadotropin.

Course gonadotropin

The product is ideal for bodybuilders and used by them as one of the fixed assets after the course of therapy. Due to its properties allow the production of natural testostrona, the drug becomes indispensable in cases where it is necessary to reduce the side effects of steroids.

In addition, also has a number of other properties, in particular, can lead to rapid and efficient growth of the muscle of the body of the athlete. It can be used as a single and as an additional courses of hormone drugs after the course of therapy.

Don't forget the sports nutrition, since in the period of intense physical effort, the body requires a large amount of construction material for the muscles. Therefore, protein-rich foods should occupy in the life of a bodybuilder is also a place of discharge, as well as regular exercise. The course of this drug has a number of features, so before you start, we recommend that you consult with a doctor and other sports.

Dose gonadotropin

Approach to the dose of the medication must be especially individually, according to the first of the health conditions of the athlete, his experience in bodybuilding, the frequency and the amount of physical activity and so on.

According to the manufacturer, the dose of the drug to healthy adult men is approximately 500 mg per week.

Gonadotropin views

This drug has a very wide range of positive qualities. Therefore, it is used as a good way to avoid many of the side effects of steroids. In addition, the active ingredients of the drug and can also act in solo mode. What does mean? This means that the drug can be used successfully with other steroids as a preparation for a set of muscle mass. Bodybuilders who take steroids a day a set of weight, say that increasing muscle mass and fast making it effective.

In addition, in comparison with other mild anabolic and has a moderate effect, and it allows rapid muscle growth.

 Gonadotropin side effects

In general, the drug is considered worldwide as safe enough. In addition, it is often used to minimize the side effects of anabolic steroids.

However, although it is not without some side effects. These include itching and redness at injection points. Some athletes may experience an allergic reaction to some components of the drug, manifested in a rash on the body.

Women taking the drug may experience ovarian hyperstimulation.

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