Testosterony Propionat Farmak (50 mg/ml) 1 ml

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Product: Testosterony Propionat
Manufacturer: Farmak
Quantity: 50 mg/ml
Pack: 1 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Testosterone Propionate

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Description and Uses

Testosterone Propionat Farmak is a well-known active ingredient known as testosterone propionate. As per the functions of naturally produced testosterone, this short and quick acting ester of testosterone performs the similar duties of the treatment of delayed puberty in males, development of the testes and prostate, hair growth, physiological responses, muscle build up and strength delivery. It is highly favored by bodybuilders due to its range of constructive effects. Testosterone propionate can be used by almost everyone irrespective of the training experience of an athlete (either novice or advanced).

This injectable steroid is manufactured and traded by Framak- A well-recognized pharmaceutical company and largest exporter of the medicines based in Ukraine. Testosterone propionate is typically considered during competitive cycles and promotes hardness of muscularity without the intrusion of water retention and fat accumulation. It purposely contributes in the augmentation of stamina, energy and resilience thereby hastening the muscle recovery process in between the successive workouts.

Dosage and course

Recommended dose

Dosage for advanced trainers

Women dose

How to inject

Course duration

100 or 200 mg/day or after two days

500-800 mg/week

20 mg/day or less after 5 days to avoid androgenic manifestations

Intramuscular administration in buttock

Injection sites must be circulated regularly

5-6 weeks.


This drug - it is known that many athletes from around the world. Due to its composition, it has an effective impact in the body of the athlete. Manufactured by a famous Ukrainian enterprise, as in the domestic pharmaceutical market also in the external market.


The preparation may be a single date for-e integrated with other anabolics. The most often used stanozolol, Masteron, Primobolan. It course after course of therapy is combined with anti-estrogen medications.

In addition, after a course of therapy included and well known by all bodybuilders tamoxifen drugs.

Also at the end, it is desirable to start receiving cortisol blockers. It is used to preserve muscle mass and diet for weight group and have complex of sports nutrition.


Approach to the dose of the medication must be especially individually, according to the first of the health conditions of the athlete, his experience in bodybuilding, the frequency and the amount of physical activity and so on.

The mean dose of this drug for the healthy adult athlete is approximately 50 mg every two days.

Dosage of athletes with more experience can be doubled to 100 mg a day.


This preparation of the Ukrainian producer is characterized by a high degree of positive feedback from the athletes. They point to its properties of high range for the increase of muscle, the addition of physical strength and also the burning of excess fat in the body of the athlete.


Of course, as with all other preparations based on esters of testosterone, an active steroid will have side effects such as the first, irritation, and redness in the area where done injection, pain may occur in some cases. The drug affects the nervous system in a way that significantly increases the feeling of aggression. Also slightly scented properties can lead to the conversion of the drug in the body of the athlete in estrogen. At the same time, this can lead to side effects such as Gynecomastia, acne, partial or complete loss of hair on the body and head, an enlarged prostate.

Women taking the drug may experience symptoms of masculinization.


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