Testolic Body Research (50 mg/ml) 2 ml

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Product: Testolic
Manufacturer: Body Research
Quantity: 50 mg/ml
Pack: 2 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting, bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Propionate

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Description and Uses

Testolic with an active constituent “Testosterone Propionate” is manufactured and traded by Body Research- A well-reputed and qualified pharmaceutical company located in Thailand and recognized for its highly esteemed wide range of anabolic steroids with guaranteed high quality.

It is an earliest drug in the group of anabolic and androgenic steroids. This injectable alternate is simply responsible for a wide range of anabolic responses such as;

Nitrogen preservation

Protein storage

IGF-1 production (tissue strengthening, healing and anti-ageing effects and autoimmunity)

Great contribution in muscle growth and development

Catabolism reversal

Prevention of muscle wasting processes

Testosterone propionate is widely held in the circle of bodybuilders due to its inherent capacity of offering extreme level muscle growth and prolific strength.

Athletes can feel completely at peace by using this magnificent supplement as it helps in the quick recovery of worn out muscles from heavy and strenuous physical activities.

Dosage and course

The standard prescribed dosage for male athletes is 50-150 mg

It can be administered every day or after 3 days.

An optimal dose is 25-50 mg/day for beginners as well as intermediate trainers.

The specific duration of the course should not exceed the prescribed 8 week period.

Metabolites of the drug can be detected till 3 weeks.

Testabolic is a short acting drug because of the short chain propionate ester attached to the parent molecule.

The active life period of testosterone propionate is 1-3 days. Therefore, it is quickly released from the body, but behaves in an equally efficient way.

Some ancillary drugs such as Proviron or Arimidex will be suitable in the washout phase after the conclusion of the steroid cycle.

Stacking it with Deca and Dianabol for bulking phase is a best option; however, combination with winstrol is good for cutting phase as well.


Testosterone propionate (testosterone propionate) - the third injectable testosterone ester, after testosterone cypionate and enanthate. This drug is often overlooked by athletes. Athletes give preference to similar injections, such as cypionate or enanthate ubiquitous. You might think that there is nothing unusual testosterone propionate, then let's take a look at its features and it will change your view.

The main reason for the failure of this testosterone is not their prevalence, young athletes think so - just do not take the other, and then it should not be, and yet very few people are fully familiar with the properties of Testosterone propionate its capabilities and features of your application.

Indeed, testosterone propionate is significantly different from similar products that, in many respects, is even better than enanthate or cypionate already mentioned, mainly due to the quality of those without testosterone data.

The first and most important difference between testosterone propionate its "competitors", which is the duration of effect. Compared with drugs that have a very long period of application and exposure (sipionato and enanthate) propionate begins to act on the human body almost immediately after application, which in turn gives you another distinct advantage, accelerated period application. For example, when a dose of 50 mg of testosterone increased steadily for 2 days and 250 mg in the application 1-2 weeks.

The second significant difference is that a small amount of accumulated water, and therefore smaller periods of "drying".
The main advantage of this testosterone is what the drug has inherited all the best aspects of his relatives testosterone. The strong androgenic action of testosterone propionate, which allows you to actively promote the athlete in the overall weight, increasing energy and motivation to exercise. A well known fact that when taking testosterone propionate, an athlete is already in the first week there is an increase in strength, energy, and increased appetite.


In the primary or initial receipt of testosterone propionate most athletes, athletes and sportsmen, simply select a small injection of 50-100 mg each. With this kind of reception, we recommend that you also start in parallel rather prolonged course of injections of testosterone enanthate. For those who are not used to wait long for the positive dynamics taking steroids, I advise taking enanthate injections of 250 mg each and 50 mg of propionate. In this case, it is expected with a decrease in testosterone levels to continue receiving testosterone injections price propionate 50 mg once every two days. After the start of the activity enanthate, propionate additional reception is optional. (In this case, the athlete receives a rapid increase in testosterone levels, but due to the intake of testosterone enanthate is also very long).

To summarize: the success by taking testosterone propionate depends on regular injections of relatively small doses of the drug.

As mentioned above, when receiving our parallel application of testosterone query another prolonged exposure to injection for the athlete less water accumulates when several parallel long-acting injection are used. To speed dial muscle mass and growth, it is a good combination to receive 100 mg of testosterone propionate (every two days), Winstrol (once daily) and 30 mg Danabol again every day.


Speaking of side effects, while injections of testosterone propionate, worth mentioning that are not so pronounced and appear in a much lesser degree, compared to other testosterone esters. And it's not even a weekly dose, and a minor adjustment of the drug in the body. You should also take note of the fact that testosterone propionate buy Spain softer and harmless chemical from the list of testosterone, so it is better tolerated by the body, which is a great advantage.

And yet, since we do not want, and testosterone propionate, which is a chemical. cause some substance where something similar to testosterone esters, which do not, the side effects such as hair loss, voice changes, the rapid growth of body hair. But there is little toxic effect on the liver, and its damage is almost impossible, so, if you are, of course, do not overdo the dose. Therefore, perhaps the biggest drawback of testosterone propionate is a need for frequent use.


Today there are many stores that offer propionate testosterone and other drugs. But prices vary almost too much. If a seller wants to sell fake products pharmacology, surely put very low prices to sell big. And so you do not fall into the trap, our store offers the drugs at prices that will not damage your pocket. For any questions you can escrivir a message to emeil info@steroids-2016.com.

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