Testabol Depot British Dragon (200 mg/ml) 10 ml

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Product: Testabol Depot
Manufacturer: British Dragon
Quantity: 200 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Cypionate

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Description and Uses

Testabol depo is manufactured by British Dragon. This injectable steroid contains an active ingredient known as “Testosterone Cypionate”. As testosterone is predominantly responsible for the physiological development of male sex organs, this testosterone ester is also intended to promote the mechanism of natural hormone by improving the manifestation of sexual characteristics. It is a long and slow acting esterified emulsion that indicates an extended and sustained effect in the body.

British Dragon is a certified pharmaceutical company based in Thailand and popular for its extraordinary anabolic steroids greatly valued by both trainer and professional body builders. British Dragon ensures series of clinical trials before releasing the manufactured product. Testabol depot is treasured by bodybuilders as it is known for stimulating muscle gain and highlighted bulking features. If athletes want to have seamless muscularity with blasting strength then they must go for testabol depot.

It is acknowledged for offering excellent muscle gains and strength. Its half-life period is pretty longer and if you want marginally extended mode of action, you must choose no other but Testabol depo. Its definite mechanism of action is acting directly on anabolic receptors and exciting the nitrogen balance that eventually maintains growth of muscle tissues and quickens the muscle retrieval.

Dosage and course

Testabol is highly suitable for bulking cycle due to its aromatization and linked estrogenic properties.

It causes water retention and gynecomastia in males that sometimes requires anti-estrogen such as Clomid and Tamoxifen to manage the effects during the cycle or while washout phase.

The effective dose for men athletes is 200-600 mg/week.

Women may take 50-100 mg/week.

Beginners can feel satisfied with a dose of 300 mg or less. While, advanced and high level athletes may take up to 900 mg/week for better results of bulkiness and strength.

The optimal cycle duration is 8-10 weeks.

The main active ingredient of the drug is a hormone testosterone cypionate. It is a crystalline white powder or cream-colored, odorless. It is insoluble in water.
Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone. It is largely responsible for the physical development of man.

In addition to bodybuilding, testosterone is widely used in medicine, as it is the main male hormone, growth and development.

Bodybuilding testosterone and its analogues are widely used by athletes of all categories.

Its main objective is to increase muscle mass a person's capacity.
The most common form of testosterone - intramuscular injection. This form of admission gives more advantages over oral: drug digested much faster and to a greater extent.

Testosterone is a drug without pronounced anabolic qualities, plus it is a powerful androgenic agent.


Testosterone course admission is not too different from other courses receiving anabolic steroids, but it has important features are worth paying attention.

First, it refers to the existence of positive results. The main mass is shown in the rate of the drug is 3-4 weeks. All the same course from start to finish takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Many experienced bodybuilders can significantly increase this rate, bringing it up to 7-8 weeks.

The important point is that taking testosterone during the course, to achieve the desired positive effect, it is important to ensure the intake of foods rich first, proteins (chicken, eggs).

In the extemporaneous or insufficient intake of all necessary materials, the final acceptance of the result may be different from what you want.


Bodybuilders on the recommendations experienced when testosterone is used as a means of establishing and developing muscle mass, receiving regular preparation dose should be 200 to 400 mg per week. The drug is injected into the gluteal region every 7 to 12 days. Do not inject a substance into the hands or abdomen.

The drug is injected into the body once a week. Some bodybuilders inject every day, with smaller doses.


Testosterone is the main hormone is human, it is an indispensable tool for humans.

In bodybuilding their roles increases are even higher, since regular intensive training, needs growth and increase muscle mass.
Bodybuilders who take the drug after the course, noted an increase in muscle mass and 3-4 weeks of receipt.

The famous bodybuilder Nimrod King, be sure to advise during the course sit on the protein diet - eat a lot of foods rich in protein. Furthermore, due to its composition, testosterone can be administered in combination with other steroids such as Stanabol, methyltestosterone.


In fatty tissue begins to transform testosterone to estrogen, which in turn can cause water retention and gynecomastia in the body.
To avoid this, the most experienced bodybuilders use drugs like Arimidex or tamoxifen.

At high doses, it can be disturbed spermatogenesis.
To operate the system gipatalomo- pituitary gland, it is recommended at the end of the course to stop taking the drug slowly and gently.

The reception abrupt and sudden interruption can lead to weight loss and general fatigue of the body strong.

Highly recommended for the reception of people with diseases such as prostate cancer and breast cancer, as well as pregnant women, people with liver problems or diseases of the cardiovascular system.


Selling species synthetic testosterone in most countries is strictly regulated and controlled. For example, in the United States, which is under control, and refers to class 3 according to the law on controlled substances and preparations in the US territory. free sale of this drug is against the law. Most bodybuilders get the drug on the black market. The price of it can vary from 20-40 dollars to 200 dollars per 200 mg vial.
In addition, the market is there still a lot of low-quality fakes.

Returning to our company, you have the opportunity to buy Testabol Depot British Dragon (200 mg / ml) 10 ml directly from the manufacturer to be sure of its quality also avoid a lot of intermediaries. You can order the drug directly on our website. If you have any question- can contact our specialists. We will gladly help you get all the answers and win themselves a quality product.

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