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Vitamin C infusion therapy is designed to support a wide range of diseases - cancer, covid 19, coronavirus, recurrent infections, allergies, arthritis, fatigue syndrome, burnout, depression, and helps in wound healing. Supports the immune system for athletes and ordinary people, Recommended delivery of 4 packs per month. We recommend as PCT for each seteroid cycle, best in addition to the SC.

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The last days have shown how difficult it is to fight against coronavirus. The hospitals are full of sick people and only few of them can get to effective medicines. How do we get to the hospital? How to effectively treat at home? People all over the world have the same questions. Best-Steroids wants to help with treatment of coronavirus with offering effective medicines for treatment.

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What are the results of cancer patients who have received treatment?

During the period during which we administer vitamin C in our clinic, we have encountered various diagnoses. Regardless of the diagnosis, however, all patients confirmed that they feel more vital, more energy, more ruled after vitamin C infusions. In oncological patients, in addition to the above-mentioned effect, we observe an increased quality of life, a decrease in onko-markers, better management of chemotherapy. It has also been shown that both radiotherapy and chemotherapy have a higher effect if patients also use high-dose vitamin C during this treatment.

 What other diagnoses can be treated with high-dose vitamin C infusion? Vitamin C infusion therapy is designed to support a wide range of diseases - recurrent infections, allergies, arthritis, fatigue syndrome, burn-out syndrome, depression, and helps in wound healing. Recommended before surgery. It is also important in obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes. It is excellent as a preventive cure in the fall before the period of influenza and respiratory infections. Patients undergoing this autumn course either overcome this period without disease or just as a light cold without the need for antibiotics.

 Can depression and other psychological conditions be treated?

Yes, they will. From personal experience in our clinic I can confirm the very beneficial effect of vitamin C infusion in depressions, even those severe, which did not respond to prescribed antidepressants and we managed to manage them with intensive vitamin C therapy. burnout.
Is this therapy also suitable as a preventive measure during a difficult life?
Vitamin C has a very positive effect on the human nervous system. At the same time, we know that under various stressful conditions, not only physical but also psychological, the immune system is compromised and after seriously stressful events both burnout, severe fatigue and activation of infections or autoimmune diseases occur. If a person knows that he / she is in a more difficult period, we recommend a 4-week preventive course of vitamin C infusion. If these stressful situations cannot be expected, what is usually happening, it is very suitable to take this treatment as soon as conditions allow.

Is the vitamin C infusion treatment age restricted or suitable for young children? Vitamin C infusion may be given to children from 12 years of age.

 Many would wonder if the treatment is covered by health insurance. Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by medical fasting. The patient pays for it himself.

It is not quite possible to overcome a serious illness solely by treatment many times, and additional measures need to be added to the treatment: adjusting the daily routine, diet, keeping mentally "cool", which is not easy. How do your patients get used to 'kick-start' a new healthier life stage? I think that first of all the support of someone close is needed. Regardless of whether it is a cancer or depression or other long-term illness, the patient needs to feel that someone stands there, that they can talk to someone, share feelings, fears, and fear. And then there are practical measures like trying healthy food, moving more, thinking positively. Every day we live well is a gift. As one of my 39-year-old stage 4 rectal carcinoma patients who are on vitamin C infusion said, "I know I have stage 4 and I know that I will die of this disease. it will go. "

How is the effect of vitamin C in cancer therapy explained?

The vitamin C infusion dose acts at two levels, having a dual effect.

While healthy cells protect against antioxidant effects and promote anti-tumor immunity, some types of tumor cells act prooxidatively, block their proliferation and lead to their destruction, because the environment (due to the presence of copper ions, iron ions and increased acidity) is found around the tumor cell. by which Vitamin C forms hydrogen peroxide, capable of destroying the tumor cell. This is why authors of American clinical studies have named vitamin C infusion therapy with non-toxic chemotherapy. The mechanisms of action of high concentrations of vitamin C on tumor cells are described in several, but this is considered to be major.

Can this effect be achieved by oral administration or only by intravenous administration?

When given orally vitamin C, due to the limited transport options in the intestine, only a low concentration of vitamin C can be achieved in the blood, which is sufficient to provide physiological (normal) and not preventive and curative effects (anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer). To achieve the healing effects of vitamin C, blood concentrations of several times higher must be produced, which can only be proven by intravenous infusion, which contains vitamin C concentrate manufactured by special technology that ensures that the infusion is pH neutral and preservative-free. Vitamin C injections do not meet this requirement and therefore the infusion and injection forms should not be confused.
What do doctors say?

Doctors give the patients an infusion of vitamin C at a different dose, depending on the effect. A dose of 0.1 g / kg body weight, which represents about one infusion of 7.5 g, is given for its antioxidant effects when vitamin C acts as a sweep of reactive oxygen compounds that weaken the immune system, creating favorable conditions for the inflammatory process, chronic infections and tumor growth. Therefore, this dose is used not only for treatment but also for prevention. For example, in the autumn, it is ideal to have one infusion per week for 1 month. This will improve not only our antioxidant capacity, but also our immunity and mental condition, because vitamin C primarily absorbs cells of the immune and nervous systems. This means that the infusion of gram doses is important for all diseases that consume vitamin C. These are especially recurrent infections, allergies, arthritis (inflammation of the joints), atherosclerosis (artery hardening) and tumor growth.

Vitamin C and cancer patient?

Said dose can be considered to be a starting dose in cancer patients suffering from a significant vitamin C deficiency since its capacity is exhausted by the high consumption of vitamin C in the field of anti-tumor immunity. This starting dose of 0.1 g / kg can be gradually increased up to about 1.0 g / kg of body weight. Such a dose already promotes not only antitumor immunity, but also basic antitumor treatment, as it acts as a chemotherapeutic agent on the tumor cell by a pro-oxidative effect. However, as already mentioned, it also protects the surrounding healthy cells by its antioxidant effect. These dual properties become a "timeless and safe" treatment pathway that can be used in combination with radio / chemotherapy and also alone in patients who cannot be treated with conventional chemotherapeutic agents. This approach should also be taken as a precautionary measure at the time of remission, when the patient has no symptoms after radio / chemotherapy, there are no signs of tumor, but after some time the disease recovers.

Experience with a large number of cancer patients who have been treated with high doses of vitamin C?

In 2014, the American Riordan Clinic published its experience with antitumor doses of vitamin C. There were 1,000 patients with breast, prostate, lung, kidney, pancreas, skin, blood, bladder and bone cancer. In these patients, results consistent with the ability of Vitamin C to lead tumor cells to extinction were achieved. Suppress their multiplication, counteract metastasis and reduce inflammatory parameters.

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