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Introduction- Description and Uses

Ace-031, referred as ACVR2B, is a synthetic peptide available in soluble form of activin (dimeric growth differentiation factor) type IIB receptor. It works by hindering myostatin and other proteins responsible for restricting muscle growth. Its simple mechanism of action is to bind to myostatin before it can reach the muscle fibers and attach to its receptor to stop muscle growth.

Myostatin is a peptide hormone that is naturally produced in mammals and act as an inhibitor of myogenesis. It sends signals to block the growth and replication of muscles. This drug is mainly very popular among body builders, wrestlers and athletes for its ability to block myostatin and promote the indefinite growth of muscles. It has been reported that a female dosed with 250mg of this drug got noteworthy growth (over a pound) of her thigh muscles in one month. Moreover, there was an obvious (3%) increase in lean body mass as well.

Additionally, it has a great role in increasing good fat hormone adiponectin thereby contributing in loss of unwanted fat. It has been reported that it upsurges the production of alkaline phosphatase in blood with reduced collagen that adds in strengthening of bones. This fusion recombinant protein provides exceptional and rapid growth of muscles with desired rigidity as well.

ACE-031- 1MG- Dosage and duration of the course

  • The range of dosage for a body builder or an athlete is 1-3mg per kg of body weight continued for two weeks.
  • Half-life is relatively long – (10-15 days). So it does not require frequent and regular administration of this myostatin inhibitor.
  • Average dosage is 100mcg per day
  • Optimum duration of the cycle is 15-20 days depending on the individual objectives and goals
  • Another way of dosage is taking 200mcg per day and increasing the dose by 100mcg every week and this should be continued for the period of 3-4 weeks. After the course ends, a gap period of almost two weeks is required for recovering the body from any posed side effects.

ACE-031-1 MG- Storage of the drug

Even though lyophilized peptide powder is stable at ambient temperature for 3 months, they must be stored desiccated below -18°C. After reconstitution, the peptide should be stored at 4°C.


ACE-031-1MG- Clinical Applications/Treatment

It was initially developed by pharmaceutical company Acceleron for the treatment of Duchene muscular dystrophy (MD is a genetic disorder manifested as gradual weakening of bones and muscles resulting in weak motor skills) In 2008, it was found that after administration of single doses for 29 days, muscle volume was increased by 3.5%

ACE-031-1 MG- Side effects

  • Even a slight and mild blockage of myostatin can result in a extreme increase in muscle growth.
  • Overdose of this drug should be avoided otherwise it can cause onset of side effects like unintended growth of stomach and cardiac muscles leading to cardiac failure in the long run. Furthermore, unequal distribution of muscle growth in the body is the possible side effect as well.
  • Mega dosage may cause drop in FSH concentration in females leading to hypogonadism.


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ACE-031 - 1 MG

ACE-031 - 1 MG

Product: ACE-031 - 1 MG
Quantity: 1 MG