GIGARELIN rX | EUROLABS | 90tab/500mg

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GIGARELIN rX | EUROLABS | 90tab/500mg

We are pleased to introduce you Gigarelin – the most sophisticated and effective supplement for sportsmen ever developed!

Gigarelin is a unique GHR product featuring promising prospective and strong ambition to cause a revolution in sports, health, anti-aging and vitality. Gigarelin has surpassed all other existing products and supplements so far by its unique and complex effects. Gigarelin rX is a genuine key to wellbeing, perfect body and condition, young look, regeneration and vitality. Your dreams and ideals about a perfect, single, versatile and highly-effective supplement have materialized into this unique product which can completely replace all other alternatives you have ever tried before!

Genesis Biology Gigarelin is a novel, revolutionary and unique booster of the natural production of growth factor (HGH) in the human body, available in tablet form. When it comes to efficiency and performance, no other existing boosters of the HGH production in tablet form can ever compete with Gigarelin.

Forget about any other existing GHR products in tablet forms – here comes Gigarelin rX – a revolutionary GHR product with incomparably higher efficiency and performance, exceeding even the values and levels of injectable GHR peptides and synthetic growth hormone (rHGH) !

The major effects and benefits of this innovative Gigarelin rX product:              

Gigarelin significantly promotes muscle mass growth, strength, endurance and performance  Gigarelin not only effectively increases the natural growth hormone level up to the optimum level, but also boosts the production of endogenous testosterone in men and at the same time, it improves muscle pumping and the blood flow into muscle tissues.

Gigarelin has a distinct anabolic effect (effectively supports protein synthesis and promotes muscle cells hyperplasia and hypertrophy) without any concomitant undesirable androgenic effects and a strong anti-catabolic effect (it helps protect muscle mass against degradation and helps sportsmen sustain the achieved level of physical condition and muscle mass even when they no longer work-out.        

Gigarelin effectively improves hardness, quality, definition, contours and density of muscles.

Gigarelin significantly increases performance and endurance and leads to the substantial improvement of your general physical fitness.

Gigarelin delivers excellent and highly-effective regeneration not only for muscle mass post a strenuous workout, but also excellent overall regeneration and recovery of the whole body, including the internal organs.

Gigarelin displays a potent anti-aging (rejuvenating) activity, it suppresses natural aging processes and helps maintain young look and condition of the entire body.

Gigarelin helps soothe wrinkles, improves quality of skin, hair and nails, increases bone density and helps keep joints, cartilages and connective tissues healthy.

Gigarelin significantly boosts and improves the immune system and protects against “diseases of civilization.” Generally, it has a very beneficial role for your health.

Gigarelin significantly reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases (diseases affecting vessels, brain and heart), effectively helps reduce the cholesterol level and the probability that you will spend the last years of your life in a nursing home.

Gigarelin increases libido, improves your sexual performance and promotes stronger and longer erection.

Gigarelin affects brain functions in a positive manner, improves performance (learning ability), memory, general mental performance and mental health

Gigarelin ensures expressive feeling of physical fitness and mental freshness, the overall well-being, energy and vitality. With Gigarelin you will wake up refreshed each morning, full of stamina, as never before.                                                

The unique properties and the extreme effectiveness of Gigarelin

Gigarelin is the first HGH booster in tablet form which is a genuine and an equal alternative to injectable GHR peptides and the recombinant (synthetic) growth hormone (rHGH). When it comes to the amount of produced IGF-1, favourable effects and benefits to the human body and duration of its activity, Gigarelin actually surpasses all injectable peptides, their mixtures and even the synthetic growth factor. All other HGH products in tablet forms which have so far been offered on the market, had one major limiting and downgrading deficiency: their effectiveness and absorption was very low, almost negligible, reaching values only up to 2 – 8% which makes them very ineffective products with a very low activity indeed (only this small amount of 2 – 8% of the total orally taken active substance of GHR peptides was actually transported to the blood stream where it could start working actively; the vast majority of a dose was eliminated or degraded during its passage through the stomach without delivering any effect or activity).

Gigarelin completely changes this situation: it is a revolutionary HGH product of the next generation, available in tablet form, where by implementing the advanced and futurem state-of-the-art nanotechnology, an extremely high absorption of 90% was achieved!! Moreover, its unique and patented composition cannot be currently duplicated, thus you can be sure that GIGARELIN IS THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND. It is an absolutely unique supplement and as of today, no other company or manufacturer in the world is for sure capable of manufacturing and marketing any similar HGH product in tablet form which could come close to Gigarelin in terms of its excellent activity and properties.

Gigarelin is an even more effective and stronger HGH booster with a longer lasting effect and secretion of the growth factor than any other injectable GHR peptides and their mixtures. The crucial factor contributing to its anabolic and regenerative effects is the total level and the production of IGF-1 - the hormone of high importance. Scientific studies performed by a Genesis Biology team of scientists have unambiguously shown that it is namely the total IGF-1 level, which is directly proportionally dependent on the duration and the period of HGH segregation. For example, tests have demonstrated that a dose of GHRP2 (GHR-peptide) administered via IV route reaching the significant level of HGH in the body during 50-100 minutes resulted in the lower final level of IGF-1 compared to the level which can be reached using 2 tablets of Gigarelin which, on the other hand, can cause the significant increase of the HGH level in the duration up to 120-180 minutes. Due to the prolonged effect on the HGH segregation, Gigarelin can obtain stronger final results than common doses of injectable GHR peptides!!

Using sophisticated combination of all so far known the most effective methods and factors stimulating the endogenous HGH segregation, an unbelievable success was achieved for Gigarelin: Following taking a dose of Gigarelin, the blood level of body’s own HGH will reach up 20-40 ng/mL (depending on the number of tablets taken and on the current status of the pituitary gland), with the HGH segregation lasting for 2-3 hours and accompanied by the increase of IGF-1 by up to 40%! These values are even higher than the values obtained after standard application of injectable GHR peptides or therapeutic dosing of exogenous (synthetic) growth hormone!! Respectively, similar HGH blood levels may be obtained only using high doses of GHR injectable peptides or using higher dosage of rHGH (3 IU or more). Additionally, another important factor to be taken into account is that endogenous growth hormone produced in the body upon stimulation by Gigarelin is even more natural and many times safer than every single exogenously administered artificial growth factor. Since it is the human body´s own hormone, it is far more accepted and tolerated by the body.

The vital role of HGH for the human body and its overall condition and fitness

HGH (growth hormone) is a genuine vital hormone that plays a key role in human beings. Its deficiency has a negative impact on the overall health condition and results in the rapid deterioration of fitness, performance and appearance of the human body. The natural production of the growth hormone in the human body gradually declines with age and its insufficient level may start to show since the age of 20. A major reaction of the body to the declined level of HGH is the undesired ageing process. For example: At the age of 25 years the human body of a healthy individual produces approximately 600 μg of endogenous (body´s own) HGH per day, on the average. In a 60-years-old individual this production declines down to the level of 90 μg per day, which is less than 15% of the production present at a healthy young man. Medical science has positively demonstrated - and no one disputes that – that the decline of the HGH production is directly proportional to the speed your body is ageing. Ageing is, of course, accompanied by all well-known negative effects: Rapid deterioration of fitness, endurance and performance, loss of muscle mass, accumulation of body fat, deteriorated regeneration, increased fatigue and tiredness, deteriorated mental performance and memory, visual ageing of the body – wrinkle formation, reduced quality of skin, hair and nails, impairment of all internal organs condition and overall health deterioration, with more frequent occurrence of all types of diseases, including severe diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, current often unhealthy and hectic lifestyle contributes to the even faster drop of the HGH production and in many cases 40-year-olds reach the same level of the HGH production that is typical for 60-year-olds! Therefore, Gigarelin is the best possible and the most effective solution for this issue! Using Gigarelin you have a chance to suppress and decelerate the ageing process to the maximum extent, respectively to achieve rejuvenation of your body in a very effective and apparent way. Completed studies indicate that the long-term using of Gigarelin may extend the human lifespan by 20-30 years! In other words, to feel and appear in 70s as if you were 45!

In many ways, Gigarelin has the potential to improve your life and its quality. At the present time, it is the best and versatile product designed to support muscle building, to help achieve perfect physical and mental fitness, overall health, physical attractiveness, young look, excellent regeneration, energy and vitality!

Packaging, administration and dosage of Gigarelin

Gigarelin is packaged in a container with the content of 60 tablets. Based on multiple performed clinical tests, when comparing efficacy and the total HGH production in the blood reached by using Gigarelin and the recombinant (artificially delivered) growth hormone (rHGH), then 1 tablet of Gigarelin represents the equivalent of the approximate potential and activity of up to 3.33 IU of the exogenous rHGH on the average, and in addition, having no potential side effects and health concerns! Taking into account that 1 package of Gigarelin represents the potential and activity of the notional of up to 300 IU rHGH (!!), then the price of Gigarelin is 3-4 times lower and more convenient than the price for the equivalent amount and equivalent bottles of the high quality rHGH!

To experience the real potential and the results Gigarelin is able to deliver and achieve, the minimum recommended treatment cycle/its usage is 2 months. The maximum recommended duration of the cycle is 6 months continuously. After this time period, a break of at least 1 month is recommended, following which you may continue with a new cycle.

To achieve anabolic effects, the dose taken pre-workout is the most important one. For anti-aging effects and the body regeneration, the most important dose is in the evening, approx.1-2 hours prior to bedtime. The daily recommended dosage is 2-4 tablets, depending on your body weight, height, age and the required goals and purposes of its usage. To achieve strong anabolic effects, we recommend bodybuilders to use a daily dosage of 3-4 tablets. For regeneration and anti-aging effects, the dosage of 2 tablets per day is sufficient, for women with lower body weight (up to 50-60 kg) only 1 tablet per day, respectively.

FAQ – frequently asked questions and answers related to Gigarelin rX:

1) Who is Gigarelin designed for and is it suitable also for women?

Although Gigarelin is primarily developed and designed mainly for sportsmen and bodybuilders, it is so perfect, versatile and so beneficial for the body delivering multiple beneficial effects, that it may be suitable and excellent for all other people since the age of 18: from physically and mentally hard working common people and non-sportsmen, including women and models, up to ill and weak individuals and seniors. There will of course be a difference in the optimum daily dosage which will be evaluated based on the required goals, purposes of its usage and the individual physical parameters of each individual (age, body height and weight).

2) Is Gigarelin safe and does it have any harmful side effects?

Yes, of course, Gigarelin is a completely safe product and since all processes in the human body take place on the basis of body’s own hormones which are products of the body itself and are very well tolerated by the body and provided it is taken properly according to the recommended usage and dosage, Gigarelin has no side effects whatsoever, which counts amongst one of its superb features.

3) How is it possible that Gigarelin has several times higher efficacy and enormously high effectiveness compared to all other competitive tablet form GHR/HGH products?

The secret of its high effectiveness and the unrivalled potential of Gigarelin lies in its extraordinary high absorption ability and its biologic availability of its active substances when absorbed into the blood stream through the intestinal wall. To ensure that any orally taken product will act efficiently, it is primarily assumed and absolutely inevitable that the maximum proportion of its active substances is indeed absorbed by the blood stream. During the process of designing Gigarelin, several years of experience originating in the precise, costly and persistent research performed by a team of top scientists and experts in the field of enzymology, oral peptides and biology, were utilized. Until now, no scientific team has ever succeeded in obtaining such an advanced and sophisticated absorption system by far, as the one used by the Genesis Biology Gigarelin rX.

4) All these sound great, however, couldn’t Gigarelin be any cheaper?

Gigarelin is a revolutionary and highly sophisticated product whose properties are unrivalled by any other similar supplement. Its challenging development and research cost Genesis Biology huge investments and expenditures and therefore it is not possible, unfortunately, to manufacture it at lower price provided that this product remains profitable for the manufacturer. Taking into account all the facts stated above, that one package of Gigarelin provides the alternative to up to 300 IU rHGH, you will realize that Gigarelin is actually very affordable. And if you consider all its unique and extraordinary effects, you will surely recognize that it is a good investment into your health and the overall quality of your life!


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