LEXAURIN - 30x - 3mg - Bromazepamum

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Manufacturer: KRKA
Quantity: 3 mg/tablet
Pack: 30 tablets

Steroid cycle: Antidepressants

Active substance: Bromazepamum

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LEXAURIN - 30x - 3mg - Bromazepamum


Lexaurin is a potent anti-depressant and has a tendency to relieve the anxiety and relax the muscles to induce an effective sleep for an extended period of time.

It belongs to the group of sleep stimulants

Active Ingredient: Bromazepamum

KRKA Pharmaceuticals- A well-reputed company based in Slovania manufacturing and supplying generic medicinal products to more than 70 countries worldwide with sufficiently managed quality, safety standards and therapeutic use


Treatment of the psychological disorders, mainly causing physical fatigue and other attention deficit related disorders.

Treatment of panic disorder and associated distress

Revitalized therapeutic effect against emotional dysfunction

Muscle relief

Lexaurin protects the body against powerful seizures and tremors leading to immense discomposure.

Improved sleep pattern

Improved mental vitality

Enhanced concentration and mental focus

It relives the muscle spasms and restore muscular functioning to stimulate adequate sleep.

Dosage and course

It is typically advised to start the course with a low dose and increase it by few folds if sufficient efficacy is not observed.

The starting dosage is 2-3 mg/day (1 tablet per day).

It must be administered 30-45 minutes before your plan to sleep to have enhanced effectiveness.

The dosage can be increased to 10-12 mg/day (3-4 tablets per day) if you are still having trouble with sleeping and muscle flexing.

It is generally advised to narrow down the dosage before the discontinuation of the drug course.

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