HYPNOGEN - 20x - 10mg - Zolpidemi tartras

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Manufacturer: Takedo
Quantity: 10 mg/tablet
Pack: 30 tablets

Steroid cycle: Sleeping pills

Active substance: Zolpidemi tartras

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HYPNOGEN - 20x - 10mg - Zolpidemi tartras


Hypnogen is potentially designated as an oral sleeping pill that closely belongs to the class of Imadazopyridine.

It is well-recognized as a potent and rapid acting psychoactive drug.

Hypnogen is typically prescribed for the treatment of depression and lack of sleep involving the fragmented and deferred sleep disorders.

Active Ingredient: Zolpidemi tartras

Mechanism of action

The real mode of action of Hypnogen is comparable to that of anticonvulsants and muscle relievers.

It works by inducing sleep; its mechanism is systematically channelized into a well-balanced outcome after passing through a range of steps.

Zolpidemi begins the action by relieving the muscles and enabling the body to get rid of the discomfort caused by muscle seizures.

It works by extending the duration of sleep

The specificity of hypnogen helps it to interact with w1 Benzodiazepine receptors without affecting omega 3 and w2 receptors followed by quick commencement of action in the form of reduced sleep time and sleep related incongruities.

Dosage and course

It is recommended to kick in the cycle of a sleeping pill or any other psychoactive drug with a low dose to develop sufficient tolerance and after carefully observing the results, the drug must be continued for a prolonged period of time.

The suggested dose for a beginner is 10 mg.

It can be further increased to 15-20 mg if additional and substantial outcomes are desired.

The half-life period of Zolpidemi is 3 hours.

Onset of action is usually displayed within 27 minutes of the drug administration.

It must be administered 30 minutes before bed time to avoid the expenditure of effect.

People suffering from liver damage or hepatic anomaly may take this drug at a sufficient low dosage of 5 mg.

Mega dosage clearly exacerbates the existing liver disease.

After the course of Hypnogen is discontinued, the drug metabolites are completely eliminated in urine or faeces

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