PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 tab (Testosterone Undecanoate)

PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 tab (Testosterone Undecanoate)

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Product: PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (Testosterone Undecanoate
Manufacturing: Pharma Science
Amount: 40mg/tab
Package: 100 tablets
Steroid cycle: increase volume
Active ingredient: testosterone undecanoate

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PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (Testosterone Undecanoate)


Description and Uses


PMS-Testosterone is an added advantage for athletes and sportsmen in their pre-competitive phase. It radically promotes lean muscle development fine mass and raw strength.


High quality muscle cuts without fat accumulation


No water retention


High grade strength with profuse power strategy


The active ingredient is Testosterone undecanoate.


It improves the physical configuration and maintains the resilience to tolerate substantial workouts and other aerobics.


Ideal option for hormonal replacement therapy


Treatment of hypogonadism


Improves libido levels


It aids in the expression of sexual related attributes and other male pattern physiognomies


Complete protection against fluid driven inflated muscularity


Adequate muscle relief


Hastened fat loss


Lessened threat of a coronary heart disease


Fortified physical strength


Dosage and course


It is widely favoured for both the clinical and athletic purposes.

The dosage regime for therapeutic purposes is 120-160 mg/day.

The optimal cycle duration is 12 weeks.

It is advised to narrow down the dosage to 60 mg/day after observing the level of efficacy.

Additionally, for performance improvement the dose regime is 40-200 mg/day.

Avoid mega dosage and stop extending the course unnecessarily so as to prevent the body from adverse effects.

The course duration for the athletic purpose is 4-6 weeks.

The highest dosage limit for bodybuilders is 240 mg/day.



Description testosterone undecanoate

If the body lacks testosterone, a male interrupted genitalia, decreased libido, decreased muscle mass, changes in the way in the direction of the type female, impotence and infertility available. In this context, the mood worsens to depression. Therefore suspected medical low testosterone hormone prescribed medications that contain synthetic hormone as an ester of testosterone undecanoate, testosterone decanoate, testosterone propionate.

In the global market there is a new generation of steroids unique campaign called Pharma Science PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab .There are No analogs to this drug in all the world. The best minds developed a drug of new generation!

PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (testosterone undecanoate) steroid drugs are superior to many known for their properties. The tablet form of this drug is much more effective and safer than injections.

Course testosterone undecanoate


Correct reception PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (testosterone undecanoate) of Pharma Science for beginners men recommended that you start with a testosterone undecanoate minimal dose and increase gradually until the maximum, just below the minimum while an output soft. This is a classic method of reception that does not load the body instantly, and allows you time to get used to the steroid is selected. Beginners often use the dose of testosterone undecanoate to a maximum of 40 to 60 mg per day (4 to 6 tablets per day). Depends on the weight class if he weighs more than 85 kg, And then try to go to 60 mg.

Divide the daily intake into several times a day can be in the testosterone undecanoate dose of 3 tablets. a day or more, the more small it just makes no sense. Take PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (testosterone undecanoate) at any time, both before and after eating, and you can even dissolve. Remember that the medicines are taken every day, regardless of the training. During the training, it is desirable to take an hour and a half to visit the room. The acceptance rate is not very strict, and deviations from nothing bad is going to bring.


testosterone undecanoate side effects


Although an excess of testosterone is harmful to the health of the men, that there is a shortage less dangerous. Therefore, healthy men who are building up the power with the help of a synthetic hormone, little on the whole if it is correct to apply, without checking the body of testosterone by ELISA, and without consulting with your doctor.


Effects testosterone undecanoate


Increase in muscle mass

• The regulation of the development of the male sex hormones and some secondary sexual characteristics (hair growth, of male type, serious voice, facial features, masculine, etc).

• Improve the metabolism of the phosphorus and the nitrogen balance.

• Ensures the sexual behavior and spermatogenesis.

• Greater motivation.

• Improved the mood.

• The stimulation of the production of red blood cells.

• PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (testosterone undecanoate) of Pharma Science helps to increase the weight of oxygen in the blood, and as a consequence - the resistance.

As practice shows, PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (testosterone undecanoate) of Pharma Science to a much lesser extent, reduces the level of endogenous testosterone than their counterparts injectable. In general, the version of oral steroid has a lower probability of side effects and is safe (but acts on the body not as markedly).


Reviews testosterone undecanoate

The availability and the testosterone undecanoate price of PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (testosterone undecanoate) of Pharma Science is another important advantage of the same. In the world to commercialize the drug - one of the most affordable. PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (testosterone undecanoate) of Pharma Science allows the body of the athlete to recover in a couple of times faster, since it increases the body's production of creatine phosphate. It is for this reason that many athletes, regardless of their income, be sure to try to use immediately before the competition at least one androgen in the steroid cycle, more than the testosterone undecanoate very attractive price.


Otherwise "love" PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (testosterone undecanoate) of science-pharmaceutical company - is also its efficiency. Immediately after the decision, it begins to act very quickly and to "work" their conclusions so quickly of it. This is especially important for those who have to pass a drug test - these athletes can safely buy PMS-TESTOSTERONE - 40mgx100 Tab (testosterone undecanoate) of science pharmaceutical of the company, and to the address for the championship, as an indicator of its content in the urine is reduced in direct proportion to reduction of the concentration of testosterone in the blood.

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