Stanozolol Injection Swiss Remedies

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Stanozolol injection Swiss Remedies


Stanozolol is a fine ingredient, typically designated as a DHT derivative. It is known for the provision of tight and hardened muscle mass without the mediation of estrogen related signs such as fluid retention portraying sufficient puffiness in the muscularity.

Swiss Remedies- A recently developed pharmaceutical company delivering high grade anabolic-androgenic steroid products for wide ranging therapeutic purposes with genuine verifiable product scratch code.


Provides durable and first-rate muscle gains

Impressive raw strength

Lean and polished musculature

Muscle and tissue building effects are quite pronounced due to strong anabolic association

Reasonable appetite

Decreased globulin

Quicker metabolism

Amplified stamina in conjunction with advanced energy

Balanced ratio of good and bad cholesterol

Dosage and course

The daily recommended dose is 25-50 mg

The half-life period is fairly moderate of about 48 hours. Therefore, daily injections are necessary.

Total weekly dosage is 400 mg/week.

Professional level athletes may take a high dose of 75 mg/day.

Cycle length: 6-8 weeks.

Since it is a powerful cutting steroid, it combines really well with Cytomel and Clenbuterol for amplified fat loss bringing about a shredded physique.

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Stanozolol Injection Swiss Remedies

Stanozolol Injection Swiss Remedies

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