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Stanozolol Tablets Swiss Remedies

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Reference: 10 mg/tab. (60 tab.)
Stanozolol Tablets Swiss Remedies 60 tabs / 10 mg

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Stanozolol Swiss Remedies


  • A dihydrotestosterone analogue
  • Highly anabolic and slightly androgenic
  • Restricted estrogen related activity

Swiss Remedies- A recently developed pharmaceutical company delivering high grade anabolic-androgenic steroid products for wide ranging therapeutic purposes with genuine verifiable product scratch code.


Well-compatible with cutting and pre-contest stages

Defined and hard muscle tone

Maximized strength

Power and endurance

Treatment of anemia and immune system discrepancies

Absolutely no risk of fat accumulation and fluid retention

Immensely popular among athletes and gymnasts for its raw muscle development capacity

It has made a special place in the hearts of gym oriented fitness enthusiasts as it is unique for offering an exceptionally dry muscularity.

Enhanced metabolism

Ramified vascularity

Virtuous stamina for workouts with maximized patience

Dosage and course

Clinical dose: 25 mg/day.

Duration: 3 weeks

Physique enhancement dose: 25-50 mg/day for medium level bodybuilders and up to 75 mg/day for the ones requiring fast and stupendous results during the course.

Duration: 6-8 weeks

Active life: 24-48 hours

Metabolite detection in urine: 21 days

If combined with Boldenone undecylenate and Halotestin, significant hardness can be achieved.

It must be administered on a daily basis or after every other day to maintain plasma levels.


Stanozolol (Stanozolol) is oral anabolic steroid based substance Stanozolol. This steroid is in its effect similar to Danabol, but unlike him he does not make water retention in the body. Also Stanozolol can be combined with other steroids : Anadrol, Denebola, Testosterone, to get the best result. It is well suited for athletes who are preparing for competition, because there is no water retention in the body and excess fat, it is also possible to include more and receive Trenbolone or Halotestin, so that the muscles become hard and dry so I want the athletes in competition.


As practice shows, stanozolol works well to ground in the case of proper nutrition and training. The key to muscle mass is a good protein diet and exercise more naprvlenie to ground. This way you can get a good volume month course of treatment, but up to 8 week course is not necessary.
Beginners often try to use large dosages, which is not able to cause at least some effects, of course the obtained results will not be as significant, but steady progress is observed. The recommended dosage for beginners from 40 to 50 mg. a day (this will make 4 – 5 tab.)
1 week (7 days) take 2 tablets. a day.
2nd week (7 days) taken for 3 tab. a day.
3rd week (7 days) taken 4 tab. a day.
4th week (7 days) taken for 3 tab. a day.
5-week (7 days) take 2 tablets. a day.
More experienced athletes use much higher dosages from 50 to 70 mg a day, which is accompanied by more significant the result. But in this case, it is desirable to use after a course of drugs. Despite the fact that steroid count safe and does not cause side effects at these dosages is to insure themselves.
One of the advantages of stanozolol fact that it does not retain water and not have to take antiestrogens (Nolvadex and Proviron), stanozolol is not converted into estrogen. Gives good endurance, gain clean weight (muscle). The loss in weight after receiving less than of those steroids which delay fluid in the body.
Possible side effect
 Side effects after taking this stanozolol at high dosages impaired liver function and if not to take it can ruin your liver. Has a negative impact on the prostate, possible acne, premature baldness in men who have a genetic tendency to baldness.
Reviews on sports pharmacology, many are a reliable source of information about drugs. Without a doubt, the opinions of experienced athletes help beginners in choosing the best steroid for them and warn about possible risks . On the available online reviews, Stanozol is a good drug with lots of action and low risk of side effects. Its manufacturer has been working on the world market and in the view hardly needs, which is a good guarantee of quality.
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Stanozolol Tablets Swiss Remedies

Stanozolol Tablets Swiss Remedies

Reference: 10 mg/tab. (60 tab.)
Stanozolol Tablets Swiss Remedies 60 tabs / 10 mg