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Oxandrolone Tablets Swiss Remedies


Oxandrolone is famous for its wide ranging remedial and therapeutic effects.

Initially introduced in 1964

Actively tolerated by both genders and advanced or novice athletes as it is a fast acting drug with an instant and short-lived effect.

A Dihydrotestosterone mimetic


An extraordinary cutting agent with no estrogen related effects

No fluid retention and extreme level delivery of dry muscularity

Highly established metabolism with perfect fat reduction capabilities

High volume muscle with polished cuts

Surprising strengthening features

Protection against muscle weakening

Enriched bone mineral content

Weight restoration in patients after surgery, burns and accidents like trauma

Try to follow a suitable diet strategy with low fat to ensure a ripped and hardened physique.

Oxandrolone is a mediator for a fundamental therapy for AIDS.

Dosage and course

Therapeutic purposes:

Suitable dosage: 5-10 mg/day (necessarily 1 tablet per day)

Course duration: 2-4 weeks in particular and 10 weeks in special cases

Athletic and performance advancement purposes:

Appropriate dosage: 15-40 mg/day.

Female athletes may take 5-10 mg/day for a short period of 4 weeks.

Course duration: 6-8 weeks

Drug combinations: It can be stacked with Stanozolol and durinabol in defining periods.

For sports on a professional level, many athletes may require an additional stimulant, such as oral anabolic steroid Oxandrolone. Use can use not only professionals but also beginners just became to play sports, and amplified physical exercise.
One of the most effective and safe is Oxandrolone, which was established on the basis of the Oxandrolone. In its properties, it has a relatively low androgenetic, complemented by high anabolic activity. Oxandrolone produces 400% of your testosterone.
Oxandrolone taken by means course to achieve good results, strengthen muscle mass, improve strength and endurance.

The fact the course is so easy and healthy that it are not only professional and beginner men, but even women. Which should make the relief more structured, dry and dense. The average recommended dosage is about 30 – 40 mg per day. Minimum course duration is 1 month. Suggest not to delay the course for longer than 2 months. To enhance the maximum effect from the intake of Oxandrolone , it is advised to combine it with other drugs with pronounced anabolic or androgenic activity.
 Purchase Oxandrolone helps to build is not a large muscle mass with a nice relief, even in the case of the admission of women.
- Able to increase strength and endurance for more productive workouts or participate in competitions.
- Does not cause side effects that does not force the use after a course of drugs.
- Displays all the excess fluid and promotes excellent drying throughout the course.
- Makes the muscles dense and well tightens the entire body so that there is no sagging skin and muscles.
 - Saves all typed results in the long term, not forced to always sit on steroids and ruin your body.
Possible side effect
Most importantly, during the intake of Oxandrolone, to choose the right course and to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. This is a basic requirement while taking the steroid. If the course is correct, and the dose is not too high, then the likelihood of side effects is minimized. In this case, a negative impact may occur just because of the biological characteristics of the organism.
When a newbie decides to independently increase the prescribed dose, as quickly as possible to achieve positive results for his health, the excess can play a cruel joke. Exceeding the dose, the athlete may cause irreparable harm to the cardiovascular system. Excess doses also have a negative effect on the liver. Therefore, deviation from the rules is strictly prohibited. The maximum allowable rate of the drug is 80 mg per day, thus it should be divided into three parts.
Reviews of Oxandrolone in our store you can find and learn without unnecessary labor. They are both on the same page of the drug, and the Forum, where various detailed information about the means of sports and about sports pharmacology. Here You can get the required answers.
What they say about Oxandrolone? The reviews online first acknowledge its considerable efficacy for the sport, relative harmlessness and quality. The security is confirmed by not only reviews of Oxandrolone, but practice and long use of its analogs for medical purposes. If the medicine the active ingredient of the drug was considered necessary to use and harmless, then in sport athletes using a variety of much heavier tools, it is unlikely to cause harm (unless, of course, strongly do not abuse).
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