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Turinabol tablets Swiss Remedies

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Reference: 10 mg/tab. (100 tabs.)
Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone tablets Swiss Remedies 100 tabs. / 10 mg

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Turinabol tablets Swiss Remedies


Turinabol is quite comparable to Dianabol with an advancement of low or almost no water retention and an alteration of 4-chloro of clostebol.

Ample drying out effect

Lean mass and refined physique

Active substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone

Swiss Remedies- A recently developed pharmaceutical company delivering high grade anabolic-androgenic steroid products for wide ranging therapeutic purposes with genuine verifiable product scratch code.


Muscle mass delivery

Positive balance between anabolic and androgenic effect

A significant blockage to estrogen activity leading to the development of slender mass and shredded physique

Prominent effects for cutting and pre-competitive stages

Anabolic features result in an adequate protein synthesis

Stamina reestablishment

SHBG reduction leading to free testosterone

Therapeutic effect against hypogonadism

Improved vitality

Upgraded bone density and mineral content

Increased speed for advanced workouts and physical exercises

High metabolism

Dosage and course

For athletic purposes, the suitable dose is 30-60 mg/day.

For professional bodybuilders, the appropriate dose is up to 80 mg/day.

Cycle duration: 6 weeks

Effective oral dose is 15-40 mg/day.

Women athletes are generally advised to take a low dose of 10 mg/day to avert possible virilisation effects.

Dosage for therapeutic purposes is relatively low of about 5-10 mg/day.

Half-life: 16-20 hours


Turinabol is a steroid for oral administration, which can be effectively used for muscle growth and increase strength. The drug is a quite strong anabolic with a moderately low androgenic activity, minimal risk of side effects and a wide range of positive effects.
Its active substance is chlordehydromethyltestosterone, widely known under the name of Oral Turinabol. It is a steroid substance was developed in the middle of the last century, presumably specifically for use by athletes (for training and improve the results of the East German athletes). “Turik” (a common slang name) quickly proved its effectiveness, as evidenced by the multiple achievements of athletes, it is used.
The popularity of high-turinabol in sports and in our days, that at least indicates a high demand among athletes current currently disciplines, including bodybuilding.

To calculate the dose turinabol, which will give the maximum effect, you need to know the individual characteristics of the athlete's body, physiological characteristics, the degree of toughness. Does the athlete experience in the use of steroids. What is the purpose of people.
Before you start taking substances, it is recommended to consult with a specialist, for tests.
New traders should not use more than 40 mg of turinabol per day. Those sportsmen who want to increase endurance (athletes, boxers) we recommend a dose of 10-20 mg a day .
The course is approximately 6 weeks is enough time to effect (increased speed and endurance, but also muscle mass), and avoiding negative reactions on the part of the body.

possible side effect
Just say that turinabol is quite safe and can even be used by girls. Side effects when using turinabol in sports, a rare phenomenon. Because turinabol is available in pill form, it undergoes alkylation at 17-alpha and in theory can be toxic to the liver.
Liver problems when using turinabol can be observed only when using huge dosages that no sane athlete will not use. Also if you already have problems with the performance of this body, to take turinabol, like other steroids, it is not necessary.
Among other possible side effects turinabol note acne, imbalance in cholesterol, hair loss, increase in blood pressure. We note again that all these effects are extremely rare and, when used properly, turinabol is a chance their symptoms are minimal.
Turinabol allows you to slowly but surely gain muscle mass, increases strength, endurance and relief. Recruited muscle mass quality, and minimal recoil phenomenon. It is also important that from Turik does not fill with water. Unlike methane, it allows you to build lean muscles that after completing the course, most likely, more will stay with you.
Reviews after the first year of admission turinabol suggests that side effects are almost there, it's a safe drug that helps to achieve a good effect.
Turinabol has the highest number of positive reviews.
Reviews allow us to conclude that in the process of reception of turinabol, the result comes gradually: increase speed and endurance and is quality weight gain muscles.
The woman took turinabol, also argue that side effects of consuming the drug.
People involved in sports professionally, I think that turinabol is better to take in combination with testosterone.
If you decide to use this medication, remember that each body is different, on this basis, focusing on their own feelings and experience, and calculate the dosage.
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Turinabol tablets Swiss Remedies

Turinabol tablets Swiss Remedies

Reference: 10 mg/tab. (100 tabs.)
Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone tablets Swiss Remedies 100 tabs. / 10 mg