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Tamoxifen Swiss Remedies


Tamoxifen is a sophisticated anti-estrogen known for its counter effect against the estrogen related effects such as fat storage and water retention.

It is normally designated as SERM (Selective estrogen receptor modulator)

Well-suited for the washout phase for sufficient recompense

Active Ingredient: Tamoxifen Citrate


Treatment of breast cancer while inhibiting the estrogen as it works as a fuel for the manifestation of symptoms

Protection against unnecessary fat accumulation

Eradicates the risk of fluid retention and actively promotes a dry muscularity to the cutting stage athletes.

It is a winning supplement for the dieting phase bodybuilders as it can help them ato achieve a hard and tight muscle tone without estrogen related features.

Tamoxifen is essential for the post steroid cycle therapy.

It nurtures the natural release of FSH and LH, resulting in the balanced hormonal levels with ample muscle tissue preservation for bodybuilders.

This specific testosterone stimulating feature is a cherry on the top, as it is an added advantage for the sportsmen after the discontinuation of the steroid.

Dosage and course

For therapeutic purposes, the recommended dosage for both women and men is 10-20 mg twice a day.

It is effective to reduce the risk of breast cancer development.

For bodybuilding and athletic purposes, the dosage should be 10-30 mg/day with another ancillary drug to be a part of this post steroid cycle recovery plan.

Cycle duration: 3 weeks.

Effective exchange rate of of tamoxifen in bodybuilding is used by sports fans as an antagonist of estrogen, that is blocking in the human body signs of feminization. Modern lifestyle is not limited to a grueling diet, avoiding harmful habits. Aerobic, fitness, swimming, bodybuilding, weightlifting is a great way to maintain muscle tone, lose weight, to exercise willpower, to achieve victory over them.
Tamoxifen can be taken both before and during and after meals, while drinking pills is tamoxifen a small amount of liquid.

Daily dosage of tamoxifen starts with 10-20 mg and can reach up to 30-40 mg. the Issue of selection of dose is individual. As the duration of reception, this parameter largely depends on the severity of the current policy and status of the host.
A muscular body is the goal of the sports program "in" the post. In the process burnt off enormous amount of energy in the muscles. This is the simple secret of the impact of fat on the formation of the relief of the triceps, biceps and abs. Classes promote effective blood circulation, prevent formation of clot in the artery, causing a stroke.
The main advantages of tamoxifen are:
it's great impact in reducing the number of Sterol in the blood
lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart failure,
addressing complaints of the liver,
is an analogue of clomid,
blocks the receptor of estrogen,
restores normal testosterone production
prevents the development of tumors
drains excess fluid.

Possible side effect
In connection with anti-estrogenic activity, tamoxifen has some side effects.
Athletes, overly enthusiastic tamoxifen have risk of to weight gain, alopecia (partial or total alopecia), periodic strong tides heat, itching in the crotch area, steady pain in the bones. Especially dangerous is the influence of tamoxifen on the reproductive system – may develop endometriosis with subsequent loss of fertility (infertility). Also, according to a recent study, tamoxifen increases the risk of uterine cancer.
In athletes when taking tamoxifen often appear nonspecific side effects that are typical not only for this drug:
the increase in body temperature
Tamoxifen has a deservedly good reputation as an antiestrogen, preventing the side effects of steroids. Athletes who ignore them subsequently forced to turn to surgeons to address problems with gynecomastia. While the responses of the athletes who took tamoxifen, noted the absence of any side effects associated with aromatization of the steroids and their conversion into estrogens.
If You need a course of steroids, reviews on Tamoxifen can help You to ensure that it's effective. Do not neglect or disregard treat potential side effects of steroids. Besides, some athletes found individual response to even the most light on steroids.
The reviews generally describe how beautiful Tamoxifen antiestrogen, safe at reasonable dosages. He just needs those who do not want to worry about the appearance of gynecomastia and related side effects.
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