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Reference: 250 mg/ml (10 amps.)
Product name: Testosterone Cypionate 100mg
Substance: Testosterone cypionate
Manufacturer: SWISS REMEDIES

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This drug based on testosterone cypionate and revealed the longest ester of the hormone. Maximum popularity cypionate enjoyed around the world, athletes prefer to hold training courses with the participation of testosterone cypionate . However, these drugs do not have significant differences and are interchangeable.
Testosterone cypionate is a powerful steroid masonorum. Like all esters of the male hormone, cypionate has equally powerful anabolic and androgenic properties. Duration of work testosterone cypionate is a little more than two weeks.
Tipic should be consumed according to the instructions, which is the same for all variants of testosterone cypionate. It is not recommended to exceed 1000 mg per week as this will not give much of an increase to the recovery rate or set of muscles, but at the same time will increase the risk of side effects and aromatization.
If you are using a solo course testosterone cypionate, I recommend you to chop 250 to 500 mg a week. One injection per week, in order to keep hormone levels high. A solo course you can use both novice and more experienced athletes.
Testosterone cypionate is endowed with high anabolic and androgenic activity in the amount of 100% from the testosterone, working actively inside the body of an athlete for 15 – 16 days, has a high ability to DHT conversion, a low level of hepatotoxicity. Strongly inhibits the rate of HPTA function work axis the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes sufficiently flavored, has the ability to retain water.
Buy Testosterone cypionate at our store have the athletes who are interested in a substantial build quality muscles, but at the same time prepared for the fact that the effect after a course is somewhat overshadowed by so-called phenomenon of rollback. This is reflected in a marked lowering of the indicators of physical strength and endurance, as well as, some loss of muscle mass, pretty normal phenomenon when using testosterone. You should also expect an increase in the oxygen mass of blood, that is, the increase in the number of red blood cells, the positive correlation of nitrogen and an exchange of phosphorus, enhance the rate of libido, quality of spermatogenesis.
Possible side effect
In the process of increasing the overall muscles may arise such undesirable effects, such as gynecomastia, slight swelling of the tissues and bad seal around the nipple. To prevent estrogenic side effects data, as shown by practical experience of many athletes, "corsite" testosterone cypionate should be shared with Anastrozole or Tamoxifen, the use of special high-quality blockers aromatase. The androgenic effects because of the high degree of conversion of hormone to its active form called dihydrotestosterone, can manifest as acne, increase in body fat, unwanted hair production, or their loss, spikes in blood pressure. Usually with adequate reception and well-written know side effects can be avoided.
To know about the quality and properties of testosterone cypionate I think other athletes on the Internet forums.
By reading reviews testosterone cypionate posted online, You will know that it is quite powerful and at the same time dagadarthi steroid. So, its anabolic and androgenic activity equal to 100% of testosterone, and the validity of it - a fortnight (the average from fifteen to sixteen days after injection), which allows to avoid frequent applications (usually injections are once a week).
However, as said manual and reviews of testosterone cypionate is not only powerful, but also has multiple positive effects of the drug. During his course efficiently and the muscles increase, and strength increase, work to improve joints and bones to strengthen. Besides, testosterone propionate and androgen contributes to a measurable increase appetite, which is incredibly useful for athletes wishing to gain weight.
Reviews about testosterone cypionate suggest that this drug may boast of a great concentration of active substance in order to avoid errors in the dosage – 200mg/ml. Plus, it allows a good save, even when using the maximum recommended dosage (500mg per week) one barrel lasts at least a month, which is a lot.
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