Testosterone Enanthate 250mg Swiss Remedies

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Reference: 250 mg/ml (10 amps.)
Product name: Testosterone Enanthate 250mg
Substance: Testosterone enanthate
Manufacturer: SWISS REMEDIES

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Testosterone Enanthate 250mg Swiss Remedies


Testosterone Enanthate is a long and slow acting ester of the base testosterone.

Swiss Remedies- A newly founded pharmaceutical company providing wide range of high grade anabolic-androgenic steroids with genuine scratch code.


Due to the characteristics it borrowed from its base hormone testosterone, this supplement can provide an adequate expression of sexual attributes in males such as; timely onset of sexual maturity, hair growth, voice deepening, muscle mass growth, sexual drive and increased libido levels.

It offers additional benefits such as;

Muscle mass gains

Since it gets converted into estrogen via estrogen synthetase enzyme. Therefore, it exerts the effects like immense body fat gain, fluid retention and high blood pressure.

It is well-suited for bulking purposes and not for defining periods.

Treatment of hormonal deficiency in males

Ample oxygen transport

Protein synthesis and adequate nitrogen balance

Highly consolidated muscularity

Rapid muscle restoration and repair

Massive tissue revitalization.

Augmented resistance mechanism

If you follow a calorie restricted diet regime, it can be used for cutting cycle in supplementation with cutting agents.

Dosage and course

The recommended dose is 200-700 mg/week.

Beginner cross fitters usually prefer to take a low dose of 200 mg/week

Highly advanced body builders often wish to take a high dose of 1000 mg/week for a relatively highlighted effect.

The duration of cycle must not exceed beyond 8 weeks.

Peak blood testosterone level is attained within 48 hours of administration.

The half-life period is 10-14 days. Dosage must be administrated after a gap of 7-10 days.


Testosterone Enanthate is an ester of the natural male sex hormone, which can be described as a long-acting steroid which is very good help during the recruitment of muscle mass.
Testosterone enanthate-regulation of metabolic processes in the body is done with hormones. They are substances produced by endocrine glands and are directly discharged into the bloodstream. Form effects on metabolism, hormones are divided into catabolic and anabolic. First stimulate the burning in the diet or mobilized from body reserves of nutrients with the energy stored macroergic molecules of adenosine triphosphate. Anabolic, on the contrary, consume energy and contribute to building their body tissues, including muscle, and that they are interesting athletes, bodybuilders.
Those who passed the examination to use testosterone enanthate should be no more than 1-2 times a week. The dosage is selected individually for each athlete. The allowable amount of 250-500 mg per week. As soon as the body will grow and gain muscle the amount of drug can be substantially increased. The average rate of administration is 2-2. 5 months, but not more. For beginners it is recommended to use only 250 mg of testosterone enanthate, so as to follow the reaction of the body. If the side effects will not, so we can safely use the drug further.
Possible side effect
Exhibits failure to comply with the dosage and the violation of the recommendations. To negative can be attributed to high blood pressure, acne and skin irritation, gynecomastia. Testosterone enanthate is efficient in terms of price and quality, but not only popular among novices due to the demands of the admission procedure. 
Positive effects
A large increase in muscle mass;
• Rapid increase of strength of the athlete;
• Improve joint function and (feasible due to water retention);
• Stimulates faster recovery of the body;
• The strongest effect of pumping muscles;
• Improvement of overall vitality, increased desire to exercise.
Testosterone enanthate is able to be the only steroid in the cycle, its activity is so multifaceted that other drugs serve him only Supplement.
Since testosterone enanthate is not only very successfully attached to androgen receptors within muscle cells, but also has a pronounced non-genomic activity, it is the perfect "partner" for almost any anabolic steroid, combine it with anything. Well, the best results are achieved when you use testosterone in conjunction with nandrolone, metandrostenolon or oxime by Golon Combination "testosterone enanthate + nandrolone phenylpropionate + methandrostenolone is simply "everydaynow".
However, when combining testosterone enanthate with boldenone trenbolone or also made up ALIS impressive results in the recruitment of muscle mass.

In General, we can buy testosterone enanthate, the price is favorable, delivery is reliable and convenient and the effects are multiple and useful. If You have any questions about ordering or the drug, then fold them now! We are waiting for You in our online store at any time of the day or night!

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