Averbol 25 British Dragon (250 mg/ml) 10 ml

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Product: Averbol 25
Manufacture: British Dragon
Quantity: 250 mg/ ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methandienone

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Description and Uses

Averbol 25 injectable version is manufactured by British Dragon- A certified pharmaceutical company based in Thailand and popular for its extraordinary anabolic steroids greatly valued by both trainer and professional body builders. British Dragon ensures series of clinical trials before releasing the manufactured product.

The active constituent is known as Methandrostenolone / methandienone. It is extensively in use since a long time by body builders and athletes as it efficiently promotes protein synthesis and glycogen breakdown after successive physical trainings and workouts.

Averbol is known to offer enormous strength and acts quite rapidly than other steroids. Methandienone is well-approved for its instantaneous outcomes in terms of muscle buildup, strength, energy burst and power. The possibile effects of Averbol are predominantly categorized as non AR mediated but strongly count on the amount of dosage. Overdose can cause side effects such as male pattern baldness, acne and excessive hair growth.

Dosage and course

The recommended dosing guideline for Averbol is 15-40 mg/day for the period of 4-6 weeks.

It is rapid acting and generally absorbed into the bloodstream within 1-3 hours.

The half-life period is 4-6 hours and it requires recurrent administrations in a day to maintain blood levels.

It is typically advised to stack it with strong androgens such as testosterone esters to compensate the androgenic activity and associated effects.

Averbol is cycled with Stanozolol to provide extreme lean muscle mass and hardness to bodybuilders.

Averbol - a synthetic steroid, its composition is close to testosterone.
This is one of the oldest and well known in the world of steroids.

Since its inception, the main objective was to increase muscle growth in a shorter period. Today, its purpose and the importance of bodybuilding remains unchanged.


According to the observations and experts, as well as -professionales bodybuilders, the optimal rate while taking the drug is 4 weeks.
Maintain regular exercise regime, moreover, nutrition and sleep mode, the first results manifest themselves after 1st year.

For athletes with experience, to improve and achieve the desired results can be combined in a complex with other known drugs.

If the main purpose of receiving an increased strength and less weight, is recommended to combine the reception of steroids in combination with oxandrolone.


The dose should correspond to specific goals and results.
For experienced athletes and people involved at a professional level, the daily dose of intake should be 15 to 40 mg.

For novice athletes or -amatores who received a dose of the drug required to reduce to 15-20 mg per day.
With the repetition rate, the dosage of the drug should not be increased, it is sufficient to add any of the injectable steroids.

It should be remembered that increasing the recommended dose reception can lead to side effects.


Like many other steroids, British Dragon Averbol 25 has its side effects, but is observed to occur only when the average daily optimal dose of 20 mg is exceeded.

If the drug is taken in high doses for a long time, it can have a toxic effect on the human liver.

Has the property converted into estrogen preparation and requires special post-cycle therapy (eg, tamoxifen or Proviron).

As a result of the action of androgen component in its composition, it can cause acne, acne on the body, as it significantly stimulates the sebaceous glands of man.


Thousands of athletes have taken the drug since the beginning of its appearance on the market in the -x 60-70 years of the last century. Therefore, over time, their strengths and weaknesses, a positive effect on the body and the side effects it stood.

On the Internet there are many comments methandienone. Among them they can be found both positive and negative. However, if given a high assessment of the work of the drug, it can be said that this is a safe tool for beginners as well as one of the most important components of the combined cycle in professional athletes.


The main positive effects on the action of the drug is relatively safe to use, good results in the recruitment of muscle mass and strength.
In addition, the recovery time is reduced and eliminated from the body, with specially designed tools.


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