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IGF-1 LR3 Magnus


IGF-1 LR3 is a well-identified long chain insulin growth factor. It is recognized for its potency and a relatively stronger effect than the base IGF-1. This peptide is predominantly composed of 83 amino acids sequence.

Magnus- A prestigious pharmaceutical company providing premium quality medicinal products to Asia, Africa and Middle East since 2003.


Anti-ageing effects

The most significant benefit is fat burning and energy boost

Protein synthesis is manifested as one of the dominant anabolic effects

Ample and massive muscle growth and development of stiff and hardened body tone

Improved stamina for trainings

Protection of the body from oxidative forces

Perfect metabolism

Upgraded mental function

Promotes diverse physiological activities

IGF-1 levels begin to decline with ageing, and this supplement is a supreme choice for the compensation of cell division and growth failure.

It provides a shredded appearance without fat and water accumulation. Therefore, it is not used during bulking phases. Its popularity is governing for the cutting cycle.

Formation of new satellite cells

Dosage and course

The initial dose to kick in the cycle is 20-50 mcg/day.

Later on, the dose is considerably increased to 100 mcg/day.

You should have enough established tolerance for the anabolic steroids before adding IGF-1 LR3 into your cycle.

It is ideally administered after workout.

The optimal cycle length is 4-6 weeks with a gap of 40 days before going for the next cycle.

Do not go for this drug if you are already suffering from tumor or cancer, it can aggravate the conditions by promoting the growth of tumor cells.

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