BPC 157 - 10mg Magnus

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Product name: BPC 157 - 10mg
Substance: Peptide
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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BPC 157 - 10mg Magnus


BPC 157 is the abbreviation of Body protection compound. The amino acid sequence is quite analogous to the natural BPC found in the gastric juice. It is merely composed of 15 amino acids.



The sole purpose is to heal the injured tendons, ligaments and bruised muscles

It increases the survival rate of the cell tolerating oxidative stress.

BPC 157 can competently treat crohn’s disease by virtue of its wide-ranging anti-inflammatory properties.

The remedial features are quite broad, it can facilitate the intestinal re-sectioning resulting in healing.

Treatment of ulcers and sores in stomach

It is highly preferred as BPC acts really well when combating the adverse effects of NSAIDS.

BPC is well-acknowledged among body builders as it provides faster recovery from straining workouts and protects the body organs from injuries and bruises.

Strengthens the connective tissue to give firm support to joints.

Heavy weight lifters and other gymnasts find this drug exceptionally effective as it can promote quick recovery of muscles from the strenuous physical activities or post-competition injuries.

Immensely strong immune system response

Dosage and course

There is a wide variation of dosage as per the individual requirements.

The ideal dosage to kick in the course is 1-10 mcg / kg of the body weight.

The dosing guideline is to split the dose into two or three further administrations for better efficacy.

The recommended dosage is 250-350 mcg twice a day to make a total of 700 mcg/day.

There are actually two forms of its administration. It is a lyophilized powder that is essentially reconstituted before administration.

Subcutaneous injection is easy and pain-free as compared to the intramuscular injections that causes pain and inflammation when the needle gets pierced into the muscle closer to the injury.

Onset of action is quite rapid. It expresses its effect within one week of administration.

The optimal cycle duration is 4-6 weeks.

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