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Product name: DSIP - 5mg
Substance: Peptide
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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DSIP - 5mg Magnus


DSIP is an abbreviation of “Delta sleep-inducing peptide”. It is a well-known neuropeptide that has a tendency to stimulate sleep and governs its dynamics.

It was initially introduced in 1974 by a swiss group.

Molecular weight: 850 Daltons

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Mechanism of action

DSIP encourages the function of spindle delta EEG

It reduces the motor activities.

Its mode of action is facilitated by NMDA receptors in the brain

It further inhibits the somatostatin and helps in the indefinite muscle growth.


Anti-ageing potential

Protects tissues and organs from damage

Fast recovery after workouts

Skin and cosmetic improvement

Inhibition of cortisol

Muscle mass preservation

Balanced blood pressure

It radically promotes the production of gonadotropins leading to elevated testosterone

Greater resistance to stress

Appropriate nervous system functioning

It forms a complex with other proteins to prevent the anticipated degradation and damage.

Treatment of sleeping trouble and insomnia

It holds back the cell damage by displaying its anti-oxidant properties.


Dosage and course

The ideal recommended dose is 200 – 750 mcg/day.

The lyophilized powder must be reconstituted with a sterilized water (inhibited bacterial activity).

It must be injected intramuscularly into the buttock or deep into the skin.

It is generally advised to split the recommended dose into multiple applications for sufficient action.

DSIP must be administered 1-3 hours before bedtime so as to get better effect in relation to sleep.

The duration of its course depends upon the individual requirements.

Is a molecule of protein out of 9 amino acids. Was first obtained from the pituitary gland and the limbic system of rabbits. The name is just a carbon copy of the English names. The sport is used not very active, are not fully understood. Peptide Delta sleep (DSIP) normally synthesized in the human body and affects many processes, including regulation of the level of oxidation.
The effect of the peptide Delta sleep (DSIP)
Affects key processes in the body, but the mechanism of action is not revealed by scientists:
·helps to reduce free radicals on tissues and organs, has an antioxidant effect, which is often associated with anti-aging potential of the drug. It is believed that this peptide DSIP improves skin condition, but not a proven fact;
·has an anabolic effect, makes it easier to recover after strength training. The mechanism of action is complex – peptide inhibits the secretion of cortisol, and helps to preserve muscle tissue even in the presence of other factors that increase the stress level. As a direct stimulator of muscle growth is not used;
·lowers blood pressure in hypertension;
·stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone that leads to higher levels of testosterone in men;
·helps maintain the health of the nervous system, resist stress. At the time, was advertised as the only neuropeptide that allows you to overcome the effects of overtraining, but this is not true;
·affects sleep quality, but does not cause sedation.

The question of how to make the peptide Delta sleep DSIP remains open. Definitely found that it is not in all cases allows to achieve the claimed effect. In practice, there are usually injectable or aerosol (for inhalation or instillation into the nose) shape.
Courses with the peptide DSIP usually assigned to the period of stress. At night they bury the nose in 8 drops dissolved in water for injections, or do a shot of 500 mcg per day. The course duration is selected on feelings and needs.
Side effects
In addition to allergic reactions the side effects of the peptide Delta sleep DSIP has not been studied. Allergies this protein is not cause and softens her expression. Various sources say that it is safe for human health. Others do not affect him.
Reviews of peptide DSIP
Usually feedback about the peptide Delta sleep DSIP differ from expectations took. The greatest number of opinions collected foreign practices of law enforcement activities. Many write that they feel better, but a direct influence on the process of "drying" peptide has not. Take it mostly in fat burning process, to reduce the impact of diet on sleep quality and the condition of the nervous system.
DSIP characterizing the failure or the severity of the anti-catabolic properties. Some bought believe that the drug does not really affect the preservation of muscle mass. Sometimes I write, and what common in our country drugs with him is just too low-dose to give any pronounced effect and contribute to real changes in health status. But you can definitely say that no harm from DSIP user, and the significant discomfort from its use, from instillation of the drug in the nose.
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