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CJC + IPAMORELIN is a peptide hormone of the latest generation of stimulators growth hormone, which increases the production of growth hormone, but does not mimic the action of ghrelin in the body. Unlike the earlier representatives of peptides, IPA does not cause side effects, which are expressed in strong custo hunger and also by raising levels of cortisol and prolactin. Ipamorelin greatly enhances the stimulation of growth hormone secretion, thus keeping the natural secretion of the growth hormone, which reaches a maximum at a certain time.

Ipamorelin (ipamorelin) is remarkable also for the following: recently, it was observed that this peptide, in addition to stimulating the production of HGH, also successfully combats insomnia and improves quality of sleep as ordinary people and athletes consume "vitamins" (and in this period sleep disturbances are especially pronounced)

CJC + IPAMORELIN is injected intramuscularly two or three times a day. The most effective dosage is a 100 mg or 1-3 mg per kg. Consequently, the receptors of the pituitary gland will be fully loaded with the introduction of 100 mcg of the substance, but when you add another hundred mcg effects will be only 50% effective from the first dose. Therefore, it is not recommended to increase the dose further, because it will lead to even lower increasing the effect of burning fat and increasing muscle mass. However, dose reduction will be a weakening of secrecy growth hormone. When used with various stimulators of HGH IPA, will have even greater effect in larger savings. Another difference of the drug is that, even at high doses, it does not lead to increased production of cortisol and prolactin, such as GHRP-6.

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With injections you should not forget about sterilization of instruments.

Here you can buy effective exchange rate of the peptides CJC + IPAMORELIN, in our opinion, it is more aimed at the General strengthening of the body. And after passing it, you can expect to improve your physical condition. However, if you are constantly engaged in the gym, you will notice improvements in weight reduction and relief of muscles. Ready to order course CJC + IPAMORELIN add it to the cart, and write your data.

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