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This composite is complex and prudently powerful. GHRP-6 is a growth hormone releasing peptide mainly categorized as a hexapeptide.

While, Ipamorelin is a diverse and versatile alternative of GHRP. Both of these ingredients are concerned with the release of growth hormone resulting in a wide-ranging beneficial effects.


Progressed sleep

Mood equilibrium

Fat loss and lean body mass development

A low dose is safe and does not cause changes in cortisol

Physical performance and stamina augmentation

Tissue revitalization

Greater recovery from injuries and damage

Cell differentiation and necessary regeneration

Antioxidant properties

Dosage and course

The dosage for GHRP-6 is 300-500 mcg. This dose can be divided into 3 applications per day, particularly 30 minutes before meals.

The dose for Ipamorelin is 200-400 mcg/day. Its half-life period is about 3 hours and the dose must be split into 3 equally spaced administrations.

It must be not be administered when blood glucose levels are elevated.

The optimal cycle length for both of these GH supplements is 6-8 weeks.

Every day the peptides become increasingly popular means to improve the efficiency of the training. But they can be perfectly combined with steroids, which will significantly increase the cycle efficiency. There are specifics of making such courses, you should be aware of athletes. Today we will talk about how to use peptides on a course of steroids in bodybuilding.

In most cases, the athletes decide to hold a joint course of AAS and peptides out of curiosity. However, it is important to remember several facts that such a cycle could be effective. To independently learn how to use peptides on a course of steroids in bodybuilding, you must have the initial knowledge in the field of homeostasis.
Cycle of AAS with a duration of 1.5 months (6 weeks)

In this case, you need to use one of three preparations: ipamorelin, GHRP–2, GHRP–6. Also for maximum stimulation of the secretion of somatotropin can be used ModGRF (1-29). All peptides should be used in quantities of 1 microgram per kilo of body weight the entire course.

Also it should be remembered and rehabilitation therapy. Ipamorelin you should continue to use and during PCT at the same dose as on the course.

Errors of joint use of peptides and steroids
Perhaps the most common mistake when using peptides on a course of steroids in bodybuilding is overstating their dosages from the start of the cycle. The body is no danger, but closer to the end of the course somatotropin is synthesized in small quantities, because the cells of the pituitary did not respond to peptides properly.

Often athletes utilize GHRP in the final stage of the cycle or even during PCT. This leads to increased concentrations of prolactin and cortisol, which reduces the efficiency of the cycle. It is best to use ipamorelin or lower doses of GHRP.

Latest popular mistake of many athletes is prolonged use of Hexarelin. It's a great drug that significantly accelerates the secretion of growth hormone. But if you apply more than 30 days, the sensitivity somatrope region of the pituitary reduces. It is also important to remember that stronger other Hexarelin peptide promotes the synthesis of cortisol with the prolactin. The optimal time of application is three weeks in the amount of one microgram per kilogram of weight of the athlete. Apply it on the final stage of the cycle is also impossible.
From our site you can not order an expensive sports nutrition along with a course of steroids, or separately. Our administrator will help you choose the most suitable option for you. Sports nutrition on the course of the steroids is one of the most important products that must be present in the diet of each athlete. Using even the most expensive peptide at any rate, you increase the possibility of obtaining maximum results in the recruitment of muscle mass. We are always happy to see You in our online store.

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