​​Ipamoreline Magnus

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Active ingredient: 5mg Ipamorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals Peptide sexual drive, reduces abdolimal fat-

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​​Ipamoreline Magnus


Ipamorelin is a well-known pentapeptide quite comparable to GHRP-6 in its function as it can efficiently stimulate the release of the growth hormone.

Active Ingredient: Ipamorelin

Magnus- A prestigious pharmaceutical company providing premium quality medicinal products to the Asia, Africa and Middle East since 2003


Accelerated fat burning

Development of lean and slim muscle mass

Subcutaneous fat loss

Improved sleep quality

Strengthening of heart

Upgraded energy and vigor

No interference in cortisol levels

Immense and fast recovery leading to anti-ageing effects

It is quite slow in its action of muscle building

Balanced cholesterol and lipid summary

Increase in the relative size and number of muscle fibers

Neuronal defense

Tissue rejuvenation and restoration

Extremely low risk of bone distortion

Dosage and course

The ideal dosage is 600 mcg/day.

People who have been using a wide range of steroidal medications for the purpose of gaining immense strength and muscle mass can tolerate a high dose up to 900 mcg/day.

It is commonly advised to take this medicine 40 minutes before the physical exercise to have an accelerated impact on the muscle growth.

The suitable running dose for advanced users is up to 1200 mcg without any breathing disorder.

The duration must not exceed beyond 8 week period.

This versatile peptide can be stacked with Hexarelin for ample muscle building effects.

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