​​Riptropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection

​​Riptropin 20 i.u. China Injection

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Drug name: HGH, Somatropin
Drug class: Polypeptidhormone
Common brand names: Genotropin, Humatrope, Norditropin, Jintropin
Common drug quantity: Injections: 4 I.U., 12 I.U., 16 I.U., 24 I.U., 32 I.U.

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Riptropin 20 I. U. China Injection


Riptropin sufficiently promotes the growth hormone release for the treatment of growth deficits.

Active substance: Human growth Hormone


Treatment of short stature in children

Turner’s syndrome treatment

Healing effect against burns and damages

Tissue regeneration and cell division

Well-tolerated by both men and women

Fat burning

Restoration of ligaments and joints

Regulation of heart, muscle and bone health

Governs the body fluid dynamics

Protection against kidney failure

Efficient nutrient absorption

Treatment of muscle weakening

Improved energy burst

Encouraged athletic performance

Immune system strength

Restoration of hair growth

Optimization of sleep

Balanced sugar levels

Dosage and course

The dose for performance enhancement and muscle building is 5-25 IU/day.

For women, 1-3 IU is appropriate.

The cycle duration should not exceed beyond 6-8 weeks.

Growth hormone supplements should not be used by cancer and tumor patients as it can worsen the tumor growth.

Ripotropin can be stacked with anabolic steroids of pre-contest phases such as Trenbolone and with thyroid hormone supplements as well.

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Riptropin 20 I. U– this drug is the main active ingredient of which is, in fact, the human growth hormone. It should take people who have observed stunted growth, disrupted the natural secretion of the hormone or have Turner syndrome, which occurs due to abnormalities in the chromosomes. Also, it is used for the treatment of insufficient growth hormone in adults. 
Riptropin 20 I. U has a unique ability to promote wound healing, it stimulates the regeneration of such tissues, which under normal conditions are not restored, promotes healing of severe burns. Also, the rate of growth hormone is used to accelerate recovery from various injuries or surgeries.
If you are interested in this product, You can always buy Riptropin 20 I. U on our website at rather low prices! It is really worth it as another unique property is creating a rejuvenating effect by reducing the number of existing wrinkles and prevent new ones. It is a truly indispensable product for women and men, who did not go to pump up the abdominal muscles which are usually hidden behind abdominal fat, as facilitates the burning of the fat, which is one of the main effects of Riptropin 20 I. U! Growth hormone helps to restore organs that atrophy with time, restores the ligaments and joints, improves the density and quality of bones.
The use of Riptropin 20 I. Uдолжно to be agreed with your doctor or a competent coach that will help You appoint the individual the right dosage of the drug, which is usually calculated based on body weight and depending on your goals. Bodybuilders need to calculate the quantity of the drug to increase muscle mass depending on age, i.e. the older a person is, the more pronounced effect it will get from low doses. Should not take the dose more than You need, as the improvement effect is insignificant. The doses of HGH in bodybuilding is on average from 5 to 30 IU daily. Side effects with this small, or often non-existent.

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