​​Jintropin 12 i.u.    China  Injection

​​Jintropin 12 i.u. China Injection

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12 I. U. Jintropin China Injection

Dzhintropin (jintropin) is a drug whose main component is human growth hormone somatotropin. Thanks to him, people grow. Ageing in people is just reducing the formation of the hormone that begins after twenty years and nearly fifteen percent every ten years. Its level in body and identical in women and men. Buy Dzhintropin (jintropin) you will be able on our website at the best price. So, what is Dzhintropin (jintropin)?
With proper dosing and the use (dispensing, of course, must be confirmed by doctor) this drug helps to restore the tissues that do not regenerate under normal conditions. As the number of fibers in the muscle tissue inherent the human being from birth, it can increase muscles, only increasing their thickness. Unique property Dzhintropin is that with the right dosage of the drug can cause muscle cell division. Due to this effect the athlete after the cessation of the use Dzhintropin (jintropin) does not receive reduction of muscle mass, acquired muscle will remain in place. By the way, it is also able to regenerate cartilage tissue, which was considered impossible until recently. The price Dzhintropin fully justified, because it is an excellent tool for fat burning and rendering the bump of muscle. This is especially true of girls and many men who find it hard to draw the abdominal muscles. With Dzhintropin (jintropin) fat mass would be quickly burned off, while not affecting the glycogen and protein in the muscles.
Buy Dzhintropin will come in handy for those who want to increase their muscle mass, as it causes an increased amount of insulin production in the absorption of calories, which leads to a significantly higher number of produced protein. Side effects (lower blood sugar, and acromegaly hypofunction of the thyroid gland) from the original Dzhintropin (jintropin) are negligible and occur only if You are prone to it from birth. This growth hormone in lesser extent causes the formation of antibodies in the body even after prolonged and continuous use. It speaks about high degree of purification from impurities in the manufacture of the drug!
Course Dzhintropin (jintropin): human growth hormone is usually injected subcutaneously 1 time per day with compliance dosage: the drug is dissolved in 1 ml (water for injection), for children with an insufficient amount of growth hormone dose 25-35 mg/kg/day, adult 0.15-0.3 mg/kg/day. The dosage of Jintropin the average person and the average athlete starts from 4-5 IU per day reaching up to 20 IU and above competing in professional bodybuilding. Among athletes in powerlifting growth hormone Jintropin is also rightly considered a benchmark of quality and excellence!

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