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TB500 - Magnus

TB 500 peptide synthesized in the laboratory analogue of a natural peptide of 44 amino acids. Has a regenerating and wound-healing effect. Used in bodybuilding to achieve anabolic effects. TB 500 is being used as a drug for retired race horses. In medicine for recovering patients after a heart attack, surgery, trauma.
Action TB 500
Has a powerful restorative effect:
promotes wound healing, speeds up anabolic processes in muscle, including, and in heart;
increases the elasticity of blood vessels;
improves the nervous system;
helps to restore ligaments and joints, the peptide TB 500 can be used for the treatment of inflammatory processes in conjunction with other drugs;
improves secretion of testosterone indirectly by increasing the levels of luteinizing hormone;
allows you to maintain flexibility.
Peptide TB 500 is not anabolic by itself, is not conducive to the growth of muscles and strength. But it increases the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, which is indirectly can contribute to the growth of sports results.
As with other peptides, studies of the effectiveness of substances in sport is still in progress. Some experts point out that TB 500 can increase the power and speed strength. Others – on the improvement of muscle "stiffness" after the reception.
How to take a TB 500
Oral forms of this peptide is not. How to take the TB 500? Intramuscular, to introduce injection. Main indication – sports injuries, the need to restore the heart muscle. The rate of TB 500 is divided into 3 stages:
"1 week" 10 mg / week, is usually administered at 2 mg every other day;
the"app" - from 2 to 6мг a week for 2 doses, with an interval of a day, 2 mg;
"support" - the same amount, but for a month. This is usually every 2 weeks.
At the same time, there are experts who claim that by "download" in this case is of no use, and dosage should be individualized.
The side effects of TB 500
During research in the laboratory side effects of TB 500 was not detected. The substance is not subject to doping control as it does not contain medication.
Reviews about TB 500
Based on the feedback on TB 500 it can be concluded that the drug is used primarily to relieve joint problems. The degree of satisfaction result from the peptide TB 500 is very different. Some authors have noted anti-inflammatory effect, others not. Differ and real dose, and 6 mg / week for 70 kg athlete, up to 10 mg.
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