​​omnitrope 45 i.u. Austria Injection

​​omnitrope 45 i.u. Austria Injection

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Omnitrope 45 I. U. Injection Austria


It is a somatotropin analogue and used for the stimulation of growth in children and aids muscle growth as well.

Vial constituents

Active: Each vial consists of the lyophilized power (5.8mg of somatropin).

Other inactive ingredients: glycine, disodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate.


  • Clinical applications

Treatment of hormonal deficiency resulted from radiotherapy, pituitary disease and surgery

Adulthood growth and development

Treatment of under-active thyroid gland

Kidney disorder or renal inadequacy.

Treatment of Turner’s syndrome

A remedy for short stature and limited growth

Warning and Instructions

Tumor and cancer patients need to avoid omnitrope as it can stimulate the growth of tumor cells as well.

Any person with an allergy to somatotropin should not use this medication.

Chronic diabetes

Patients with a history of kidney transplant.

Avoid prescribing omnitrope to children with closed growth plates.

Dosage and course

The omnitrope injection must be administered intra-muscularly into the buttock or subcutaneously into the abdomen.

The injection sites need to be rotated to avert the fat wasting and soreness.

The optimal dosage is 8-10 IU. It should not exceed above this limit otherwise it may cause joint and muscle pain and unusual swelling.

You can buy Omnitrop in our store. We guarantee excellent quality and a fair price. Buying Omnitrop from us, You can be sure that the product is stored in accordance with the requirements. Delivery is carried out with observance of a temperature mode.
OMNITROP in bodybuilding
Growth hormone in the past few years actively used by athletes. Now established production of a large number of drugs and omnitrop is one of the most popular. Learn how to properly apply human growth hormone in bodybuilding.
Somatotropin (growth hormone) is synthesized in the body, the front division of the pituitary gland. In chemical structure the drug belongs to the group of peptide hormones. The name of the substance is obliged ability to increase linear growth of bone tissue. This happens at a young age and gradually increase output of growth hormone decreases. The average content of substances in the body is from 1 to 5 nanograms per mole. When the peak emission of the hormone, this figure could increase to 45 ng/mol.
Properties OMNITROP
We all know that today is the big sports it is impossible to imagine without sports pharmacology. To achieve high performance athletes use various drugs, including prohibited, so-called doping. And the list of used by athletes means constantly growing and recently it was supplemented with somatotropin.
The widespread use of HGH in bodybuilding has become possible relatively recently. It is associated with the development of technology. Previously, the growth hormone could only be extracted from the pituitary glands of corpses, and now it can be synthesized artificially. However its value was not significantly lower.
The most in demand in the domestic market are drugs made in China, which belongs to omnitrop. This is a very high quality and effective drug, as evidenced by the testimonials of athletes, he applied. Note the basic properties of omnitrope:
·Pronounced anabolic properties;
·Slows down the catabolic reactions;
·Accelerates the process of lipolysis;
·Regulates energy metabolism in the body;
·Rejuvenates the body;
·Increases blood glucose;
·Improves performance of the protective mechanisms of the body.
It should be noted that not all of the above effects belong directly to omnitrope. The drug also stimulates production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). This hormone is synthesized by liver cells, and part of the above effects belong to him.
Application omnitrope in bodybuilding
Athletes use growth hormone to increase anabolic levels, give muscle relief, as well as the fat burner. Thus, we will consider courses omnitrope separately for each of these goals. Use the drug only athletes older than 20 years. By this time in most cases, growth of bone stops and the use of growth hormone will not bring harm to the body.
Immediately it should be noted that to start a course of drying should only if adequate muscle mass. Otherwise the desired effect would not be achieved. In the first stage of the course of omnitrop is used in an amount of 5 MEALS per day. Injections should be done subcutaneously.
At these dosages did not experience any side effects which are mainly related to intolerance of the drug by the body and are extremely rare, then the dosage should be increased two times. In the second stage of the course the drug is administered twice per day for 5 MEALS.
It is desirable to introduce omnitrop on an empty stomach approximately one hour before meals. The duration of the course growth hormone can be not more than six months. Also not recommended somatotropin less than three months. To enhance the impact of omnitrope on the body, it is recommended to enter into the cycle thyroxine daily dose is 25 micrograms.
For masonboro cycle, it is recommended to combine omnitrop with AAS. The maximum result can be obtained by the combination of growth hormone with male hormone (testosterone enanthate at a weekly dose from 250 to 500 milligrams), Sustanon (250 to 500 milligrams weekly) or boldenone (400 milligrams per week).
Steroids are used for eight weeks, and omnitrop similarly, the rate of drying. According to the opinion of a large number of athletes, this course very effective.
If necessary, set a high-quality dry muscle mass in the cycle omnitrope should introduce Anavar (30 to 50 milligrams daily admission) or Winstrol (daily dose is 30 milligrams). These steroids should be used instead of the above. Also, be aware that the effective use of HGH should follow the specific program of nutrition and regular intensive exercise.

We have already mentioned that growth hormone is an excellent fat burner. However, the performance rate can be increased when combined omnitrope with other fat burners.

Also in combination with omnitrope you can use clenbuterol or ephedrine. They can increase the performance cycle, but will increase the risk of side effects.

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​​omnitrope 45 i.u. Austria Injection

​​omnitrope 45 i.u. Austria Injection

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