omnitrope 15 i.u. Austria Injection

omnitrope 15 i.u. Austria Injection

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These highlights do not include all the information needed to use OMNITROPE safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for OMNITROPE.
OMNITROPE (somatropin) injection, solution for subcutaneous use
OMNITROPE (somatropin) kit for use

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Omnitrope 15 I. U. Injection Austria


Omnitrope is an ideal alternative of human growth hormone.

Some of the predominant applications involve the treatment of the restricted growth and thyroid related inefficiencies.

Omnitrope is a man-made version of somatotropin and radically stimulates the growth by cell differentiation thereby promoting the vitality.


This growth stimulant works by promoting the growth in children

It helps to compensate the effects of short stature.

Muscle enhancement and anabolic effects like protein storage

Limited catabolism

Fat loss

Tissue rejuvenation and cell division

Boosts energy

Well-defined muscle growth and development

IGF-1 production

Increased glucose levels

Therapeutic effect against kidney failure

Dosage and course

The standard recommended dose is 4-5 I.U/day.

It can be increased up to 8 I.U/day to get a bursting effect in short time.

Mega dosage of about 24 I.U/day is considered as highly toxic to the pancreas and can worsen the inflated muscle appearance.

The cycle length is 8 weeks.

It must be administered when glucose levels are reasonable or low.

It can be competently cycled with Cypionax, testosterone enanthate for sufficient bulking effects


Omnitrop is biosimilar active substance which is a recombinant somatropin produced biosynthetically by the method of using recombinant DNA (desoxirribonucleico acid) using E. coli (producing strain).


Application Omnitrope began with a medical purpose. After some time he became known among sports people. The hormone had the ability to increase muscle mass and significantly reduce subcutaneous fat cells.

Growth hormone in bodybuilding was banned, but despite the ban in the last ten years the equipment has increased many times over. The high demand of drug among bodybuilders, who take it combined with other anabolics.

Omnitrope (growth hormone) is a water soluble hormone widely used by many people wanting to keep the body in shape.

·Injections are used to increase growth

·The treatment of trauma

·To obtain the anti-aging effect

·Create sexiness and slimness

To avoid buying precious drug, pay attention to the code under a protective sticker packaging.

Course Omnitrope aimed at the security of a set of muscle mass. Athletes prefer Omnitrop due to the lack of side effects on the genitals.

The background rate produced by testosterone is not adjusted, as in the case of taking anabolic steroids. The course fulfills the support of connective tissues.

The use of this hormone creates the effect of simultaneous fat burning and acquire muscle mass. Only Omnitrope athletes avoid additional drying. Have the ability to stick to a diet low in calories typing the desired volume of muscle groups.

The most versatile and popular drug for the security forces is Omnitrop. With its use it is possible to efficiently increase the mass of muscles, and to avoid set of subcutaneous fat cells. Its advantage is high efficiency and no effect on potency.

The processes in the body manage the hormones that they are responsible for metabolism, deposition of fat in the cells weight loss and weight gain. If there is a violation of hormonal background, the person cannot throw off those extra pounds.

Omnitrop helps in the process of disintegration of fat. The course to weight loss with it:

·The first seven-day period; injected subcutaneously five milligrams every day.

·Second week; you should make an injection of ten milligrams of the drug seven times.


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