Humanotrope 30 i.u. China Injection

Humanotrope 30 i.u. China Injection

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Brand/Manufacturer : Anhui Anke Biotechnology - China
Active Substance : Somatropin
Drug Class : Human Growth Hormones

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Humanotrope 30 I. U. China Injection


Humanotrope (191- amino acid sequence) is a synthetic growth hormone, quite analogous to another variant somatotropin.

Active Ingredient: Human growth hormone


Humanotrope is well-known for its wide-ranging beneficial properties such as;

Bone strength

Treatment of stunted growth in children

Anti-ageing properties such as prevention of wrinkles, sagging, muscle weakening and bone failure.

Amplified weight loss

Removal of excessive fat

Stable lipid profiles and helps to compensate the effects of bad cholesterol

Tissue regeneration

Rejuvenating effects

Strong effect on collagen metabolism and connective tissue support

Improved skin tone

Increases the number of muscle cells

Induced insulin resistance

Augmented glucose output in the liver

Increased IGF-1 production

Dosage and course

An average dosage for a male athlete is 4-8 IU/day.

If you want to kick in the course with a low dose, take 1-2 IU/day in the beginning.

The active life period of Humanotrope is short of about 30 minutes, due to which frequent administrations are necessary.

Peak effectiveness is usually manifested within 4-6 hours after administration.

Both administration routes can be applied (Intramuscular or subcutaneous).

It is recommended to combine HGH with a synthetic version of thyroid hormone. It is advised to take thyroid hormone in the beginning so as to build a necessary thermogenic usefulness in the cycle.


Humanotrope— reliable source of growth hormone to increase muscle and bone system

Humanotrope — known and proven drug, which in its structure and effects are completely identical to natural growth hormone, somatropin. The tool was developed using selective breeding and adding human genes that synthesized a synthetic growth hormone.

Humanotrope the drug has a complex effect on the body and perform various functions:

·Treatment. HGH is prescribed to children suffering from stunted growth due to various reasons. The drug compensates for the lack of natural somatropin in the body.

·Burning of "bad" cholesterol. The drug helps to cope with different fatty deposits. Helps you quickly lose weight and burn the "bad" cholesterol.

·Muscle recovery. Weightlifters use a drug to repair damaged muscles after a workout. Growth hormone stimulates new muscle cells, which affects the volume and strength.

·Rejuvenation. Course Humanotrope can be used to restore the internal organs and improve the condition of the skin. Growth hormone stimulates the production of natural collagen, which smoothes the skin on the body and strengthens the muscular system.

·Strengthening of the skeleton. Humanotrope helps absorb calcium. Because of this bony skeleton is strong and can withstand large weight loads.

·Stimulation of the brain. Growth hormone stimulates mental activity, improves memory and the ability to perceive incoming information.

Advantages and disadvantages

Humanotrope is the perfect tool that can be used in therapeutic and sports purposes. It stimulates protein synthesis and stops the breakdown of muscle structure during drying. 

Humanotrope also helps to absorb various minerals that are necessary for the normal functioning of all internal organs. To such vitally important trace elements include sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

No less important is the destruction of cholesterol that affects the cardiovascular system. After a course of injections Humanotrope significantly improves heart, circulation and blood vessels of the brain.

The disadvantages include a classic rise in blood sugar. After cessation of growth hormone glucose levels stabiliziruemost. In the blood significantly increases the concentration of fatty acids.


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