Piracetam AL 1200 - 120x1200mg

Piracetam AL 1200 - 120x1200mg - Nootropics

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Product: Piracetam AL 1200
Manufacture: Nootropics
Quantity: 1250mg
Pack: 120

Steroid cycle: Smart Drugs

Active substance: Piracetam

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Piracetam is a potent nootropic and concerned with the stimulation of cognitive performance.

Active substance: Piracetam


This smart drug is not an ordinary one, it smartly deals with the wide-ranging benefits such as;

Improved thinking patterns

General mental well-being

Reduced apprehension and anxiety

Improved learning aptitude

Upgraded focus and concentration

Anticonvulsant features

Treatment of seizures and epilepsy related conditions

Mind restoration

Amplified sensory processes

Mechanism of action

Piracetam explicitly binds to the neurotransmitters.

It excites the acetylcholine function, resulting in a drastically improved memory dispensation.

It interacts with the glutamate receptors in cerebellum of brain, leading to sufficiently advanced motor development abilities.

Additionally, it facilitates the blood flow towards different parts of the brain with increased oxygen transport.

Dosage and course

Recommended dosage

Maximum dosage

Onset of action

Drug cycles

2400-4800 mg/day

This dose should be subdivided into multiple ones

Some people may take up to 4000 mg/day for 2 weeks.

The dosage protocol is 45 - 100mg/kg of the body weight

Effect is usually displayed within 35 minutes of drug administration

Piracetam can   efficiently cyled with Lecithin/Choline.


Smart Drug, or "smart drug" is a slang definition of the concept of nootropics. It was first used the term nootropic C. E. Guirgeou (researcher at UCB - Belgian company that launched Piracetam) in 1972. The designation drugs "drugs" is a bit misleading because it evokes associations with something that is dangerous and harmful. Brain nutrients and neurotransmitters are not addictive, and it's not drugs, as understood by the public. Brain neurotransmitters are substances that can directly or after conversion in the body to pass into the brain where neurons affect the quality of nutrition or activate their activities, or supplement levels of some of them necessary for the perfect nutrition.
Nootropic - is derived from the Greek word "Noos" (mind) and "tropein" (forward sales).
Definitions nootropics

1) extension, at least under certain conditions, increases in the learning processes, as well as resistance of learned behavior against factors which may cause damage;
2) facilitate the flow of information between the two brain hemispheres;
3) partial extension of the general protection of the brain against the physical or chemical damage;
4) increase efficiency strengthening cortical and subcortical control mechanisms;
5) absence of the usual negative effects of psychotropic substances.
What does this mean in practice?

Previously used for treatment of nootropic effects of brain injuries, stroke and acute poisoning. Nowadays, however, due to its beneficial effects and minimal (almost zero) negative effects used between large companies from students to doctors, scientists, managers. It acts on the cognitive function of the brain, such as attention, learning ability, memory and other abilities. In Europe, there are not so popular, but in America it is regularly used by tens of millions of people. I also read somewhere that example. B vitamin has more negative effects than nootropics. Moreover, it is almost impossible to overdose. Nootropics cause neuronal electrical excitability, increases the total charge effect substances having a similar effect filed simultaneously. This can extend the positive effects of depressants.

Nootropics also favorably affect the mental balance, eliminating fatigue, depression and enhance sexual performance. This is done mainly by promoting the formation of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters. It allows communication between synapses in the brain and affects emotions, memory, pain, sleep, etc. The brain synthesizes serotonin from tryptophan, an amino acid that gets into the body of food (glucose, various supplements). Below, I describe the effects of the most famous and also connect personal experience with these substances.


Piracetam is an original substance for which effects have been reported, known as nootropic. The primary effect of improving the oxygen supply to the brain, improves glucose metabolism in the brain increases cerebral blood flow (by reducing blood viscosity). Quickly penetrates into the brain, is not metabolized and excreted unchanged in the urine does. Helps eg. In Alzheimer's disease, or patients for detoxification. Its side effects are absolutely negligible. I am probably an exception because most Piracetam should cause insomnia, etc., but for me, at higher doses, on the contrary, cause fatigue and sleepiness. It can, however, compensate for other substances.

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