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YK-11 - Magnus


YK 11 is a well-reputed SARM (Selective androgen receptor modulator). It is designated as a potential Myostatin blocker with highly significant anabolic effects.

Active Ingredient: Myostine

Magnus- A prestigious pharmaceutical company providing premium quality medicinal products to Asia, Africa and Middle East since 2003.


Do you want to have a prolific physique transformation and stay well-toned?

Here is this magical supplement with a characteristic power to block the Myostatin protein that tends to restrict the muscle growth.

YK11 helps the bodybuilders to reap such massive and consistent muscle gains.

It provides drying out effect even in a bulking phase with a sufficient pumping muscle gain.

Some users compare it with testosterone due to its muscle building effects; however, it is more powerful than the base testosterone and produces highly polished muscles without dominant side effects.

Optimization of strength and muscle improvements

It is well-tolerated by both novice and advanced athletes as per their workout regime.

It radically promotes the production follistatin in muscles leading to the inhibition of myostatin resulting in endless muscle growth.

Dosage and course

The recommended and standard daily dosage is 8-10 mg.

It should be split into 2-3 doses in a day. You can take 5 mg twice a day or 3 mg thrice a day for balanced effects.

The appropriate course duration is 8 weeks.

Overdose should be avoided to prevent the body from side effects such as acne vulgaris and hair growth.


Newly developed YK-11 is a new blocker of myostatin, also belongs to the group of SARMs. Despite the fact that he recently appeared on the international market, this year has already become the most popular dietary Supplement. 

In the product contains alpha-yohimbine, beta–penicillamin, green and black tea absolutely harmless caffeine, evodiamine and peppermint.

Full name YK11 - (17 alpha,20E) 17,20-(1-methoxyaniline)bis(oxy) 3-oxo-19-norpregna-4,20-diene 21-carboxylic acid methyl ester.


An interesting aspect of the new drug YK-11 is the lack of side effects when taking. That is, the drug has an action similar to testosterone, stimulating muscle growth in the body without causing any side effects. The drug is tested on animals and humans such actions not yet carried out. However, the drug is already on sale, like the emergence of other food supplements.


Japanese experts clearly established that MYSTOP belongs to the drugs group SARM. Its half-life is 6 hours, although in practice this figure is 10 hours. At the same time is a unique and powerful drug is a selective modulator of androgen receptors. His invention deserves a separate group of drugs.

Applying the drug as a injection, the person after 10 days have seen the addition of lean body mass and filling with strength and energy. Researchers are advised to take the drug within one month in capsules and no longer. This period is enough to add a few more pounds and strength to the body. Exceeding this deadline, no tangible results are already gives.




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