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Andarine (S-4)-Magnus


Andarine S4 is a potentially recognized SARM that is primarily considered for the treatment of muscle related ailments such as bone failure, muscle weakening or prostate failure.


Your heart may skip a beat- As Andarine is a robustly proficient drug with a wide range of anabolic and androgenic effects.

It can deliver a good combination of strength and fat loss by sufficiently decreasing the lipoprotein lipase.

Upgraded blood flow and associated oxygen transfer

Andarine acts selectively on androgen receptors and promotes hard muscularity with magnificent tissue building properties.

A prolific package of stamina and adequate resilience for workouts and aerobics

It can be cycled with Ligandrol and Ostarine in a well-organized manner by compensating their consequent testosterone suppression with grace.

It is highly favored among competitive bodybuilders as it is well-suited to the cutting phase and offers exceptionally stiff and lean muscle mass with ample strength and power.

No risk of its conversion into estrogen and related effects

Dosage and course

For athletic purposes, it can be used alone in a decent dose of 50 mg/day to produce remarkable effects in terms of lean and hard mass with a significant boost in power.

For bulking purposes, it is usually recommended to stack it with 10 mg of Testolone, fuelled by a high calorie diet.

If you want great outcomes within 2-3 weeks in relation to its use during gym, you can combine 50 mg of Andarine with 10 mg of Ligandrol.

A typical cycle duration must not exceed 8-10 weeks.

Since it is a perfect drug for cutting, it can be combined with 25 mg of Cardarine during cutting cycle to get beneficial outcomes.


Andarin (Andarine, S-4, GTx-007) is included in a group of drugs SARMs generation I and is used for a set of muscle mass.
·Increases the volume of the muscles.
·Operates 30% more effective than testosterone.
·Raises strength.
·Great for beginners
The principle of operation of Andarine
The drug affects androgenov receptors of the body. As with other drugs of the SARM group, their agonist. Is administered orally, begins to act shortly after ingestion.The half-life is short, only 4-6 hours.
Originally, the drug was created to treat muscle atrophy, hypertrophy prostate, osteoporosis. The beneficial effects of Andarine became the reason of its application in the field of bodybuilding.
Scientists came to the conclusion that Andarin, owing to its pronounced influence on the organism, it has potential in the treatment and prevention of various diseases and is also effective and safe.

Andarin should be taken after the morning meal. If the weight less than 85 kg, one capsule, if greater, respectively, two. It is recommended to consult with your doctor, especially if you have a current or chronic diseases. Consult a personal trainer will also be useful. Receiving any kind of sports supplements should be considered when compiling a diet and workout schedule.
With many positive qualities, Andarin has only one unique side effect in scientific studies it was discovered that when taking Andarine at doses above 50 mg, and some subjects reported a short-term impairment (the appearance of yellow color in the perception of the surrounding world, and blurred vision in the dark). These side effects quickly disappeared in subjects after discontinuation of Andarina.

S-4 has a high potential to improve skeletal muscle strength, increase lean body mass and decrease body fat, and prevent bone loss. S-4 promotes the growth of "high-quality" types of muscle, no detention of water, i.e. muscle mass and strength, accumulated during the course is retained and not lost as when taking other drugs like Winstrol.
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Andarine (S-4) - Magnus

Andarine (S-4) - Magnus