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Ostarine (MK-2866) – Magnus


Ostarine is a renowned steroid supplement that tends to promote muscle growth and prevent muscle weakening. It is designated as a SARM (Selective Androgen receptor modulator).


Ostarine is an ideal option for the treatment of hypogonadism.

It can efficiently deal with the androgenic deficiency.

Estrogen control

Maintains the weight and sufficiently promotes a reasonable increment in mass.

Hardness and remarkable stiffness.

Ostarine is suitable for both dieting and bulking phases

Athletes can acquire polished and shredded muscle tone and removes the additional fluid in the muscle.

It predominantly avoids the risk of gynecomastia and surplus fat build up.

Ostarine is distinctive in joint and muscle healing after straining exercises.

Highly accomplished bodybuilders wish to make Ostarine a part of their magnificent cycle as it metabolizes excess fat and produces a clean and hard musculature.

It does not significantly overpowers the testosterone production, slight suppression depends on the individual preferred dose.

Nutrient subdivision

Stamina enhancement

Incredible protection to body against injuries and inflammation

Dosage and course

The suggested dose for men athletes is 25 mg/day.

It can be increased to get more radical effects.

The lowest possible dose for men is 12.5 mg/day. It significantly influences the rapid muscle mass accumulation, but drastically influences the joints and protects them from damage.

Therefore, women are normally advised to take a standard dose of 12 mg/day for the period of 4 weeks.

It can be even narrowed down to 5 mg/day for a minimal requirement of physique transformation.

The optimal duration of the cycle is 6-8 weeks


In its quest to achieve the perfect figure, professional athletes are willing to use any means and methods. One of these is the use of a SARM, or selective androgen receptor modulators. The first developments among these drugs almost immediately fell into the hands of athletes who are not even waiting for quality testing. However, those days are long gone, and now, making this technology safe and effective, many companies are already safely produce these drugs, positioning them as additives to stimulate growth of muscle mass. One of these is Ostarine MK 2866.


Ostarine, like any other SARM, is an agonist androgenetic receptors, allowing to selectively interact with them. With it prevents the side effects that occur with use of many endogenous androgens. 


Plus this drug is that it allows you to activate androgen receptors only in those areas where it is needed – in the muscles or bones. Thus, the activity of these receptors in other organs is not increased, that allows to avoid the side effects inherent in the drugs of hormone replacement therapy. Anabolic effects of Ostarine intake scientists compared with the effect of testosterone – increases anabolic activity of those receptors that trigger the process of muscle growth. This effect is not surprising – for the first time this drug was being developed for the treatment of diseases of muscular dystrophy and it is completely safe for the body.

Another advantage of Ostarine is that it helps with ligament-tendon apparatus. With it accelerates collagen repair, improves the condition of ligaments, and increased bone density and ligaments. Drinking it will help any athletes, even those who have health is all right. But for those who are experiencing any discomfort from the joints, taking this Supplement will be necessary. The first results are visible after 6-8 days of use.

Ostarine is a great way to achieve quality without any side effects and health risks. In theory, does not require a PCT and support on the course, but we recommend following techniques SARMs fix the result of a good testbusters.

Ostarine gives, with the mental point of view, elation, but without aggression, as is the case with steroids.



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