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Ibutamoren (MK 677) - Magnus



Ibutamoren is an oral drug, generally categorized as a secretagogue that stimulates the growth hormone release leading to proficient muscle build up.

Active Ingredient: Ibutamoren Mesylate

Magnus- A prestigious pharmaceutical company providing premium quality medicinal products to Asia, Africa and Middle East since 2003.


Ibutamoren radically stimulates the receptors and promotes the secretion of GH

It actually imitates the action of ghrelin receptors in the brain and provides sufficient mental well-being.

Ibutamoren drastically govern the appetite cycle and stimulate the hunger

Improved perceptive or cognitive action

Lean muscle development

Fat metabolism

Increased reimbursement and recovery

Highly stimulated production of IGF-1

Ramified vascularity

Tissue rejuvenation

Cell regeneration

Anti-ageing properties

Highlighted body defense mechanisms

Improved immune system response

Diminished risk of bone collapse and failure

Dosage and course

The standard dosage is 15-30 mg/day.

Distinguished efficacy can be achieved at a perfect dosage of 20 mg/day.

Some accomplished users wish to take 50 mg/day; however, sufficient effectiveness is only attained at a standard dosage mentioned above.

Highly stiff and shredded toned body can be earned by taking appropriate dosage of Ibutamoren.

  • Ibutamoren should be cycled with other anabolic steroids or GH supplements to gain virtuous results.


Ibutamoren MK 677 is a popular and fairly powerful growth hormone stimulator that has been successfully used in bodybuilding. It affects the GHRP receptor that promotes the development of GR. Originally, the drug was used for children and elderly people that there is a growth hormone deficiency, although it quickly found popularity in endurance sports, where a crucial role is speeding up the development of GR

Research and reviews about MK 677 Ibutamoren proved that the drug could not only promote a more rapid recruitment of muscle mass, but also improve lipid metabolism, thereby allowing you to drop extra fat and fight obesity. Most importantly, unlike some popular peptides, after a course Ibutamoren virtually no recoil, allowing you to keep up your muscle mass almost in its entirety. It is also worth noting that the drug is considered to be completely legal, it makes it completely accessible to athletes around the world.

In effectiveness, Ibutamoren can be compared to known peptide drugs, GHRP-6 and GHRP-2. However, it is in front of them certain advantages. First of all it concerns methods of acceptance. As Ibutamoren contains capsules, athletes no longer need to do frequent injections. Its intake reduces the production of somatostatin hormone that blocks the production of OZ.

The drug, in addition to rapid weight, increase strength and burn fat, has a number of positive effects:

§Speeds up the recovery;

§Improve sleep quality;

§Increases energy;

§Strengthens the immune system.

The most important property that can be attributed to the main advantages of the drug is that it does not affect cortisol levels. This allows you to take it in sufficient doses, not fearing for the standard side effects of GHRP. Fat burning is achieved by increasing lipolysis. As with most drugs in this category, Ibutamoren speeds up the metabolism, which probably can be attributed to the effect of HGH but not the peptide. According to studies, a daily dosage in the amount of 20-30 mg for their effectiveness compared with the administration of growth hormone. Ibutamoren also has a more prolonged period of stimulation generation GR from other drugs. The duration of stimulation of growth hormone observed in approximately 8 hours, which definitely is a huge plus.


As in most cases, reviews can give an objective assessment of a drug. Unlike the manufacturer, they are founded on the opinion of athletes who tested the product and can talk about a specific result. 


Many of the reviews athletes say that they initially chose the wrong regimen or dosage that initially gave a huge increase in performance, but after a time growth has slowed significantly.

How to take? 1 or 2 capsules per day (best to do it before training). Ibutamoren taken courses to 8 weeks.


At the moment it is rather risky to place orders steroid and non-steroidal drugs on the Internet. Many people want to cash in on Your desire to become manlier, tougher, or just to gain weight. But the site is always and everywhere concerned about the personal safety of its customers. 


Our website enjoys tremendous confidence among beginners and among athletes and their coaches who buy our products for several years. Our staff try to direct all your efforts to our customers to be entirely pleased with your purchase and we have ordered the goods again and again.

We have in the store has ready-to-balanced courses that you can choose for your purposes.


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