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Stanozolol is a DHT modified version and an ideal and supreme demand of bodybuilders in their pre-competitive phases.

Active Ingredient: Stanozolol

Magnus- A prestigious pharmaceutical company providing premium quality medicinal products to Asia, Africa and Middle East since 2003.


Stanozolol is widespread with a brand name of Winstrol. It is proficient in the provision of lean muscle mass with suitable size and strength.

It is not transformed into estradiol and never causes negative side effects such as water retention, hypertension and fat aggregation giving puffiness to muscles.

Stanozolol is widely-held among athletes for its broad-ranging beneficial effects to deal with muscle weakening, recovery from straining exercises, reestablishment from injuries and inflammation or bone degenerative ailments.

It subjectively offers a distinct and defined muscle tone and a massive transformation during cutting stage.

It helps in reducing SHBG and makes the availability of free testosterone to maintain the muscle mass size, strength and other sexual features.

Its remedial effects further involve the treatment of bone softening and resistant anemias.

Dosage and course

The half-life period of Stanozolol is about 48 hours. It must be administered on a daily basis or after a gap of one day.

The prescribed dosage for performance enhancement, muscle relief and physique transformation is 30-80 mg/day.

This dosage can be increased to 100 mg/day for several highly practiced athletes.

Greater efficacy with completely defined muscularity is usually manifested within 2-3 weeks.

This drug must be used for the period of 4-6 weeks. If it is used in combination with other cutting steroids such as Trenbolone or Oxandrolone, the duration would be reduced accordingly.


Stanozolol is the active ingredient in a number of injection and tablet drugs of class AAS (androgene anabolic steroids). In this article we will discuss the injectable form of release.

The injectable form of stanozolol on the market AAS such trade names as: Winstrol Depot 50 mg/ml, Stromba 50 mg/ml, and a number of veterinary drugs with the dosage from 100mg/ml.

The distinctive features of the injectable form is the fact that the active substance is dissolved in water. That is why its application is relevant sufficiently frequent injections.

Where and what is used

The use of injectable stanozolol – powerlifting, bodybuilding, light and heavy athletics. Since we prefer the first two areas and talk about them.

In bodybuilding stanozolol is mainly used in preparation for competitions. As it does not cause accumulation of water and in terms of the high-protein diet makes the muscles elastic and firm.

The absence of significant accumulation of water makes stanozolol is an interesting drug and for a set of quality muscle mass. However, due to the small androgenic stanozolol component, rapid weight gain should be expected. But the fact that you dialed is saved for the most part, and after its cancellation.

In powerlifting stanozolol is used mostly to enhance power performance. The strength gain is more pronounced than the increase in muscle mass. Therefore, eating athlete-a powerlifter you need to add strength and to stay within his weight class, stanozolol is for you.

How, when and where to go

As already mentioned, stanozolol injectable requires a sufficiently frequent injections. However, many athletes are doing the injections not only in the buttocks. Athletes - bodybuilders known injection stanozolol in muscle such as biceps, triceps, deltoid.


This practice takes place due to the fact that of stanozolol injection directly into a muscle makes it tighter and cause additional local hypertrophy of the muscle.

In bodybuilding and powerlifting, the introduction of the drug in the body can be daily (50mg./day). In addition, there are options using it every second (the scheme "1+1") or every third (the scheme "1+2") a day.


Since stanozolol is not has a strong androgenic effect when it is received practically no traditional side effects from taking AAS. Moreover, they do not clearly observed. Even the women (in the presence of not more than two injections at 50mg. a week).

Still, the lack of accumulation of water in the body may result in its withdrawal from the joints. Against the background of growth of strength often leads to injury. The feeling of "sand" in his knees – the slight negativity from taking stanozolol solo or with low androgenic support.

It is therefore highly dangerous, if you care about the health of their joints, taking stanozolol as one drug of the course, and in principle there is no compelling justifications to use it with antiestrogens.


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Buy Stanozolol injection 50mg - Magnus online anabolic steroids from UK, USA, Europe - the best cheap prices, genuine quality, 100% successful delivery, Guaranteed delivery, dosage and side effects, how to weight loss fast , steroid cycles for beginners and professionals...