Primabolan LA Pharma 30 tabs (25mg/tab)

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Product: Primabolan
Manufacture: LA Pharma
Quantity: 25 mg/tablet
Pack: 30 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methenolone Enanthate, Primobolan

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Primabolan LA Pharma 30 tabs (25 mg/tab)


Primabolan is an ideal oral anabolic steroid with slight androgenic features.

A perfect cutting agent with insignificant estrogen related effects.

It is noticeably safe on liver and designated as non-alpha-alkylated steroid.

Active Ingredient: Methenolone Acetate

LA Pharma- A well-regarded Pharmaceutical Company based in Thailand that provides a wide variety of high quality finished products including both oral and injectable steroids.


Methenolone Acetate is considered as a supreme steroid supplement for novice sportsmen to gain sufficient muscle development even with a low calorie diet strategy.

As far as fluid retention and fat accumulation are concerned, primabolan does not get converted into estrogen and totally safe as it defends the physique from unwanted fat buildup and bulkiness.

This supplement is a cutting steroid as it provides hard and lean muscle mass within a short period of time due to rapid onset of action and short-lived efficacy.

It is controlled by an androgen mediated mechanism. Therefore, it is labelled as a potent fat burner, physique toner and provides balanced cholesterol levels.

Dosage and course


Recommended dosage

Dose for women

Duration of the course

Drug combinations

50-100 mg/day

The dose can be divided into 2 tablets in a day.

It must be swallowed on a daily basis or after 2 days due to shorter half-life to stabilize drug level in blood.

25 mg/day

6-8 weeks

It is typically cycled with Halotestin during preparatory phases and with Dianabol for bulking purposes.

It is an oral steroid (methenolone acetate), which enjoys great demand among athletes in sports as bodybuilding-heavy. Structurally, the substance is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone with moderate anabolic effect and a weak androgen (44 per cent of testosterone) index. By this reason, a steroid private of the greater part of them effects side typical of the same about them effects of the drug. According to the power of the positive action of the oral anabolic like Masteron.

The feature more notable of these tablets-is the absence of effects toxic in the body of the athlete. This feature them differentiates from its competitors, the most of which are harmful for the liver. At the same time, to difference of some other steroids, this product has a Tablet relatively small validity Pharmacology-approximately 5 hours.

Its equal to only 88 per cent of testosterone anabolic activity. For this reason, the use of this drug in the only course exclusively for a set of the mass muscle not is practical. For correct and use rational tablets Primobol for the dried, to improve the relief and the hardness of the muscle. It should be noted that in some cases the steroid still can be a good stimulator of muscle growth, for example, when used in combination with other pharmacological agents.

If we talk specifically about the use of steroids alone, then it is only able to manifest the following effects:

• tablets of steroids Primobol improves muscle (relief, vascularization, hardness);

• The medication that increases the strength muscle;

• The pills offer even an effect small, but still significant in the mass muscle.

This steroid even becomes partially into the female hormone estrogen. I.e., during the period of its application in the body male not is observed flavoring, that cause defects such as the Gynecomastia, the swelling and the excess of liquid delay.

Not less important is the fact of that the steroid not leads to the increase of the concentration of cholesterol "harmful". In other words, although prolonged use can lead to increased blood pressure and changes in the cardiovascular system.

Also is knows that the drug reduces only slightly the secretion of testosterone natural in the testicles, is much more weak of what makes the testosterone or nandrolone. Unlike similar oral and injection means that medication hardly has a great impact on chain tie (hypothalamus - pituitary - testes).

Methenolone acetate course and dose primabolan

As already noted, has an anabolic steroid relatively soft, therefore, the drug that is most commonly used for drying, when it is necessary to obtain a high quality, solid muscles and relief.

The Methenolone acetate optimal dose is at the limit of 50 to 100 mg per day. It is best to begin the course with primabolan minimum dose, i.e. 50 mg per day. Then, if those effects side not is said, is possible increase the volume to 100 mg per day. Therefore you will save you from unwanted consequences which may still occur during the use of this steroid.

The Methenolone acetate course not should last more than eight weeks complete. The greater duration of receiving little sense. Increase of the duration of the course in the first place, not going to increase the efficiency of the steroid, and in second place, increase the risk of effects side. On the other hand, at 8 weeks enough steroids showed all its positive effects.

aid for the admission after the course is optional. Take gonadotropin and tools similar only must be in violation of the recommendations and the use of dose very large of a steroid or is the administration too frequent.

The most effective combinations are:

• Course with nandrolone (safe course with good persistence to gain weight);

• Course with the testosterone (increase the mass muscle and relief);

• Package with Sustanon (a set of the mass muscle);

• In combination with Winstrol (for a more powerful effect of "musculo-secado");

• The use of tablets and methandienone (a set of muscle mass and improve its quality).

It is understood that the combined use of various pharmacological agents must proceed according to certain rules. In first place, the type of combination of compressed Primobolan-not is a place for the experimentation. Only should use this tool and only one of those drugs earlier, but not all at the same time. Second, you should use steroids in smaller doses than in solitary rate.

Methenolone acetate views

The reviews of this agents pharmacological is found by all parties in the network. Is understandable, due to its safety and efficacy of anabolic enjoys of great demand among them athletes. With every day that passes, more and more athletes who want to improve the quality of your muscles, they resorted to its use, and as a result, the number of positive comments to this steroid is constantly increasing.

By the way, if explores opinions available currently on Primoboanl tablets, we can then reach the conclusion that the relationship of parameters such as cost, safety, efficiency and versatility, which has no equal. This pharmacological agent does not cause natural testosterone decrease do not lead to aromatization and, on the other hand, it is practically devoid of side effects of standard steroids. And all this at a level sufficiently strong anabolic effect.

Yes, regeneration soon, can not coincides with the power with them "reyes of the Pharmacology", however, not is necessary, since them athletes not had that accelerate the growth muscle, and for increase its relief, the hardness and the vascularization.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that this drug is also an excellent means of Raman. As says the saying critical, combining his welcome with Sustanon, Dianabol or testosterone, is can achieve really increase tangible in the volume muscle. On the other hand, these courses are practically harmless, of course, if the use recommendations are followed.

The primabolan effects side

A significant decrease in the production of the male hormone is only observed in cases of the use of large doses of steroid use or too frequent or too long term funds for the course (the concentration of testosterone can be reduced in the case of wrong Primobolan combination with other pharmacological agents). This means that, subject to the recommendations that most likely will not have to spend FCT (type change after therapy) and participate in the restoration of the body with the help of gonadotropins and other drugs.

In general, them effects side are virtually absent Primobol tablets: them steroids not lead to the loss of the hair in the period of its application not appears the acne and not there is interruption in them genital. The only thing that can cause these tablets-is an increase of the aggression and increase of the excitability and rare time the loss of dream. By which the oral steroid with reason can be called one of the safest on the market today pharmacology.

By the way, about the safety of drug testing and use frequent athletes. Application Primobol Tablets the women-is a practice common in the sport modern. Girls in the course of this steroid will not achieve results lower than men. And most importantly, when it is used there is no masculinizing effects (increase in tone of voice, the hair growth accelerated, etc.).

Disadvantages, is endowed with a drug that can be identified unless the action of short duration (as already noted, steroids exhibits its activity an average of 5 hours after administration). Another disadvantage can be attributed to the inability to buy Primobol pills in a pharmacy or any other "stores pharmaceutical." However, almost all of the pharmacological agents that are used in the sport is less common. There are no steroids or peptides or growth hormone can not be purchased at stores.

The last thing worth mentioning - is the storage of the tablets after the acquisition. For steroids has not lost its effectiveness for at least 12 months, it should be kept in a closed place in the light of the Sun. In addition, ensure is of that before the steroid not could get to the children. storage temperature of the preparation must conform to the room rate, extreme temperatures may adversely affect the quality of tablets.

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