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Product: Stanozolol
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Active substance: Stanozolol

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Stanozolol Injection 50mg LA Pharma


Stanozolol is a strong injectable anabolic-androgenic steroid, widely regarded as a cutting agent for hard and highly defined musculature. It is extensively being sold with a trade name of Winstrol.

Active ingredient: Stanozolol

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There is a broad range of anabolic benefits of Stanozolol that are vastly preferred by bodybuilders.

It can increase the red blood cell count and undeniably helps in the facilitated oxygen transport leading towards an efficient blood circulation.

The positive nitrogen level results in the upsurge in a total pool of protein that ultimately leads to an immense tissue repair.

Stanozolol also exhibits its androgenic property by proficiently assisting the treatment of deferred sexual maturity in males and hypogonadism.

There is no evidence of estrogen related side effects with stanozolol. It is safe and produces outstandingly refined muscle tone with discrete cuts necessary for any sports and wrestling competition.

It plays a significant role in promoting workout performance by enhancing the stamina and resilience.

No interference in HPTA and maintains the free testosterone levels in blood.

Liver toxicity is possible if the drug is used for a long period of time specifically in mega doses.

Dosage and course

The average dose for clinical purpose is 30-80 mg/day

The half-life period of Stanozolol is about 48 hours.

Athletes and wrestlers prefer to take up to 100 mg/day for muscle building.

Most of the drug users usually experience the muscle buildup in 3-4 weeks.

This drug should be typically considered 3 weeks before the competition.

Excellent anabolic steroid. As a progesterone antagonist and has a high anabolic index, which was for many years a popular, not only among athletes in bodybuilding, but also in disciplines such as light or heavy lifting.

Buy Stanozolol - then select the fast and reliable way to get a muscle mass of quality and resistance, as well as to increase the resistance. The drug is a derivative of androstane. It became very popular among athletes because of its strong effect on the relief of muscles and improve athletic performance. In addition to the growth of drug muscle also carries a very high quality of drawing, the increase of the density of the fibers muscle.

Taking into account the properties of the active substance is used actively by athletes of different sports effective fat burning during the "dry", as well as for the establishment of pattern.

This description of the advantages of the injection does not end there: in preparation for a competition, which is perfect as a complement to the main androgens and anabolic, allowing high quality muscle growth. Its cost is available to all athletes, and the effect produced by the application, will be noticeable in the short term, only progressing in time.

He ingredient active used in stanozolol (steroid stanozolol entitled) was developed makes more than half century in 1962 in the laboratories of the known company laboratories Winthrop. The original scope of the substance was animal health, in particular the increase in the strength and endurance horses and other animals. Later called the attention of the powerful effect of the figures in the sport.

The course stanozolol and stanozolol dosage

The dosage is the drug every two days or 50 mg steroid injections every two days. The stanozolol minimum dose of 50 mg is considered that such two or three times a week. The optimal duration of the course with this reception of drugs - 6-8 weeks. Such a scheme can be obtained best results in the short term.

The principle of action of the substance active is an intensification acute of the apparatus genetic of the cells muscle. This produces a synthesis of explosion of DNA and RNA, and proteins that form, the activation and the accumulation of processes metabolic of the cells.

Stanozolol stimulates anabolic processes which leads to an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in the amount of accumulated fat. It is worth noting that in past similar products used very actively these athletes known as Ben Johnson athlete, Boxer, Tony James and bodybuilder Shawn Ray.

Steroid perfectly with nandrolone because denied prolaktivnuyu activity (progestogen), increasing the desired anabolic effect. It also works perfectly with substances such as testosterone and methandienone, as well as trenbolone steroid, boldenone, methenolone, oxandrolone, and others.

It is very popular among athletes and even for the reason that has virtually no side effects in the body, with the exception of a few violations non-critical. In injectable form has no toxic effects on the liver, it does not cause Gynecomastia, water retention, and many other common disorders.

The cost of the drug for the sport, however, remains very democratic and it is suitable for all those who wish to obtain the amount of muscle mass "in dry", increase the strength and endurance in the long run.

Stanozolol views

As already mentioned, the scope of an extensive preparation. In the Decade of the 60's - early 70-s of stanozolol has been applied not only in veterinary medicine, but also in the field of medicine, and even professional sports as doping. The results were impressive, so it is not surprising that today in day means oral and injection of the substance so common and popular among the anabolic and Androgenic Steroids.

At this point, the opinion that fails its customers. Actually, is a form effective to achieve the growth muscle of high quality, get relief, muscles drawn, maximize the resistance and the performance of energy. Of course, without the formation and size of energy such results simply impossible. But with adequate yields in those who will not repent.

Stanozolol side effects

negative manifestations of this drug are very similar to other anabolic steroids. The most prominent are the possible side effects - an increase of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, if the risk of bias of the acne, baldness, improve oily skin.

For women, the risk of virilization, even at doses relatively low. The injection of athletes, is not recommended since it can cause disorders such as raising the tone of voice, abnormal sexual activity, the distribution of body and facial hair and inherent virilization another.

The drug is not recommended for persons with disabilities in the work of the endocrine complex, as well as those who have serious failures and pathologies in the cardiovascular system, suffered a tumor disease or kidney failure.

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