Winstrol Depot DESMA 40 tabs (2mg/tab)

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Product: Winstrol Depot
Manufacture: DESMA
Quantity: 50 mg/ml
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Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Stanozolol

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Winstrol Depot DESMA 40 tabs (2 mg/tab)


Winstrol depot is an extensively used oral anabolic-androgenic steroid supplement.

Active constituent: Stanozolol

It is a commonly known DHT mimetic with a relatively low androgenic activity and significantly slight aromatization

DESMA- A fast growing global pharmaceutical company based in Spain, concerned with manufacturing and trading of state-of-the-art health care and therapeutic solutions and high-grade medicinal products.


Winstrol is immensely popular in the field of bodybuilding and sports. It is appreciated for its wide-ranging properties such as;

Massive strength delivery

It provides desired rigidity and extremely solidified muscles

Winstrol is an ideal supplement for preparatory stages

Extremely low risk of estrogen related effects due to less aromatization

It is not suitable for bulking phase, as it cannot provide features such as; fluid retention and fat build up needed for bulking.

Some of the initial applications of winstrol were; treatment of muscle wasting, bone softening, skin burns, repeated organ swelling and severe weight loss in patients with an immune system deficiency and AIDS.

Dosage and course

An ideal dose for male athletes solely for their performance enhancement is 15-25 mg/day. It must be taken in multiple or subdivided doses.

The optimal duration must not go beyond 6-8 weeks.

It is usually prescribed to take 6 mg/day of winstrol for therapeutic purposes in three divided doses of 2 mg tablet.

For bulking, you better stack winstrol depot with 200 mg of testosterone ester based formulations.

For cutting, it is advisable to stack it with 150 mg of trenbolone to acquire high muscle definition.

This is an excellent anabolic steroid, known for its properties to build a rigid, dry muscle, significantly increase the power rates, burn fat and remove fluid from the body.

High result and effect of this anabolic already is seen a great number of athletes. This drug is rightly known as one of steroids more powerful and relatively safe, since its androgenic properties reduce to a minimum.

The ingredient active of the drug-stanozolol, created in 1962 by the lab pharmaceutical Winthrop based on DHT.

The result surpassed all the expectations of them scientific. Them properties anabolic of the drug were more than 3 times more that the properties of the testosterone and androgenicidad is reduced in more than two thirds.

The first application of its predecessor, the drug that is located in the medicine veterinary, is you gave to them horses of Racing racing. It strong growth in the performance of high speed and the resistance of them animals called the attention of them athletes, and soon the drug was known in the bodybuilding, lifting of weights, several kinds of athletics.

Is used to restore the patients after the surgery, in the treatment of the anemia and angioedema hereditary. These are just some of the possible directions for the use of such tablets for medicinal purposes. In fact, there are many more.

To the receive is active during approximately 8 hours and, then his performance is weakens, and the concentration of hormone in the blood is reduces gradually. Therefore, the drug should be consumed every day.

It is unlikely that one ingest daily of oral steroids to become someone new.


Winstrol course and stanozolol dosage

Stanozolol cycle time is 6 to 9 weeks, and the need to carry out extensive training and sports adhere to a balanced diet. He course you allows get results impressive only in the presence of all these components. The drug acts directly on the genetic level in muscle cells by stimulation of anabolic processes.

The winstrol recommended dosage for men is 16 to 30 mg of steroids per day. The women are more desirable take 4-8 mg per day to prevent them effects side androgenic strong. Duration of winstrol course for experienced athletes can be amplified up to 150 - 250 mg per week, but it is necessary to carefully control the level of liver enzymes in order to avoid serious damage.


Despite the prevalence of information and opinions about the drug, many athletes, especially beginners, there are many questions about reception and combined with other steroids. On the question of how to take the medicine, the answer is simple - all at the same time of day, to swallow with water, preferably in the morning and after meals.

This in itself is a very strong anabolic agent that can show good results and the application of the soloist. But know how use them tablets in combination with others drugs, it can achieve a great efficiency. Excellent combined with a steroid nandrolone, proactive blocking its activity. The cumulative effect of these drugs improve the effect of the other. Also popular are the combination with testosterone or trenbolone Primabolan.

How to use the drug in combined courses? In this case, is necessary to reduce to it half the dose daily of each drug in the course. If included with high androgen and estrogen preparations, the course must include anti-estrogens. In this case, the question of how drinking avoidance tablets side effects. For an efficiency maximum, is recommended pay attention to those drugs of therapy post-cycle.

Winstrol views

Historical opinions piggy bank for this preparation includes several stories high profile when stanozolol helped athletes come to the vertices of the Championship. Why only the names of Ben Johnson, Tony James and Shawn Ray.? This is perhaps the best critical opreparate what you can imagine. These people are clearly demonstrated to the world what an incredible efficiency of this steroid.

Winstrol effects side

The low androgenic mentioned above allows its reception by female athletes, but in very low doses. Have in account that even dose small can cause cycle menstrual of the woman and them functions reproductive.

The use of the drug is contraindicated for people that have disease renal or liver, as well as the interruptions in them systems endocrine and cardiovascular. Do not use the medication in the case of the presence of cancer.

Due to the hepatotoxicity of the medication, its use requires a surveillance continuous of the liver, to prevent the development of violations serious in his work. Apart from this, anabolic to be harmless and does not cause serious side effects.

The lack of flavor and convert into estrogen makes the drug easy and safe application. Subject to dose reasonable have threatened Gynecomastia, atrophy testicular, or baldness, the women can avoid easily virilization and masculinization.

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