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Product: Parabolan
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Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Trenbolone Acetate

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Parabolan Hubei


Parabolan is an extensively used androgenic-anabolic steroid.

Active substance: Trenbolone acetate

It offers unique hard and lean muscle tone with extremely low fat accumulation

Hubei- A well-known Pharmaceutical Company developed in 2000, based in China and concerned with research, development, quality control, manufacture and selling of steroid finished products all over the world.


Trenbolone is five times more androgenic and stronger than testosterone.

It provides quick muscle mass build up in a short span due to the presence of short chain ester.

Trenbolone is not involved in aromatization and does not elicit estrogen related side effects.

Consequently, gynecomastia and fluid retention are not the concerns while using Parabolan

It provides remarkably tight muscularity

Parabolan is a perfect option to be used before contest in the preparatory and dieting phases to achieve incredibly ripped and shredded appearance.

Parabolan offers accelerated fat loss while retaining the anabolic effects

It has been reported that due to its highly androgenic nature, it may cause interference in HPTA and gonadotropin production.

Therefore, Nolvadex or Clomid are usually recommended to be used in the washout phase for necessary reimbursements.

Dosage and course

The half-life period of Parabolan is fairly short of about 2-3 days.

The ideal standard dosage to kick start the cycle is 50 mg/day.

It should be gradually increased up to 75 mg/day.

The standard and recommended duration of the course is 8-10 weeks. If a user has to prolong the cycle above the standard limit, the liver enzyme levels and kidney conditions should be regularly supervised.

It has an ability to provide exceptional muscle buildup (hard and lean) with low fat content in a short period of time. Athletes and bodybuilders usually prefer this drug to gain massive strength and defined muscle appearance based on the calorie rich diet regimen. Parabolan significantly increases red blood cell count and oxygen uptake leading to balanced hemoglobin levels and protein synthesis. Trenbolone acetate has a unique capacity to promote IGF-1 leading to the restoration of damaged muscle fibers. It works efficiently by recovering the muscles from muscle atrophy and heal the injuries from heavy workouts.

Parabolan - chemical that acts. component - trenbolone acetate. This drug - a powerful steroid that has five times more anabolic than testosterone activity. Initially, a drug used in veterinary medicine, where it is used to increase appetite and weight gain of animals.

Parabolan (trenbolone acetate) - a derivative nadrolona, however, in the effect on the body of the great athlete part of it is different. Because nandrolone 5-a-reductase in that body is transformed into the weaker dihydronandrolone and has androgenic influence. Therefore, a strong impact is not. On the contrary, it is very strong drugs, 5-alpha reductase is not valid. He is not prone to flavoring, but it can ignite progesterone, this is similar to Deco and oxymetholone receptors. And although the drug itself does not becomes estrogen, acts as a catalyst for the process of aromatization, caused by other drugs.

Used in all the sports power, however, but the majority of bodybuilders taking the medication. The generic drug, as it is used for different purposes. Used in the preparation for a competition, which combined with other steroids that cause no water (Masteron, stanozolol, Primobolan, boldenone) retention. The combinations of this type helps to keep the mass muscle during a diet low in calories with the loss of fat, as well as loads heavy. All this helps to make surprising relief muscles.

At the stage of recruitment of muscles, is also used a lot of athletes. It can be used only, but this is not the best option, since the drug acts much more effective in combination. For example, the combination of drugs with testosterone or methandrostenolone, can be several times better result. He is not recommended to take the drug with or Oksimetalonom nandrolone decanoate, since these medications are prone to flavoring.

The drug is very popular between them lifters of weights, as increases the performance of the athlete's power, without increasing the weight. To increase the effectiveness of the forces you can compare with the drug Oxymetholone. Testosterone and methandrostenolone far behind it in this sense. Perhaps the only drawback is its detection period high Parabolan for doping tests, so you basically take bodybuilders.

The trenbolone acetate course and the acetate trenbolone dose

Not be recommended for those that do not have experience with steroids. You should begin with the weaker drugs. Of course, some still try to start taking it with strong steroids, in particular, and with him, or covers, however, understand that the people know that such use may cause damage.

This formulation with the shorter period of impact on the body. Take preparatnuzhno either every day or every two days to 75 mg. Most is used for fat burning. The variants of reception: choice number 1-Turinabol Winstrol ++ Parabolan. Variant №2 - Parabolan ++ stanozolol propionate. Option number 3 - oxandrolone ++ Masteron Parabolan.

Cycle of a powerful form of trenbolone with long duration of action is selected when an athlete wants to improve the quality and the amount of lean muscle mass and increase strength potential. We can do all too often cycles of trenbolone. It will be enough for one or two cycles per year. It will help to remove excess water, and lose fat, make your muscles flexible and relief. The duration optimum of the course-6-8. It is not necessary to increase the time. You can combine the drug with all kinds of oral steroids. They enhance the effect. Very well suited to this drug all type of oral steroids. Reinforcing effect of this drug, making its more efficient use.


Parabolan views


The comments of the drug say that today is a very effective and popular means. It is hardly prone to aromatization gives good results both in massonabornom course, and in the period of drying depending on combination with other drugs.

The side effects

It affects the liver-toxic in large quantities, fluid retention.

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