Clebol (Albuterol, Yohimbin) – XBS Labs

Clebol (Albuterol, Yohimbin) – XBS Labs

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Product: Clebol

Manufacture: XBS Labs
Quantity: 9,4 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Albuterol, Yohimbin

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Clebol (Albuterol, Yohimbin) XBS Labs


Clebol is a unique supplement composed of two active substances known as Abuterol and Yohimbin. This drug is manufactured and sold by XBS labs. It is designated as a powerful appetite suppressant or a weight regulating agent.


Clebol is a potent supplement with extraordinary abilities to provide lean body mass with a highly discrete muscle definition

It reduces the excessive fat content and promotes development of the refined mass.

Protects the body against catabolic mechanisms

Clebol increases the resilience capacity of the body and helps the body in faster recovery from weighty workouts.

This supplement is mainly used to enhance the metabolic activities and fat burning to particularly produce a hard, tight and well-toned physique.

No water retention and fat aggregation or estrogen related effects

Clebol aids the increased red blood cell production and steady blood flow

Abuterol is an effective bronchodilator, this is the reason Clebol works great while treating asthma or other breathing disorders.

Improved immune system functioning

Dosage and course

The dosage course of Clebol is quite comparable to that of the Clebuterol.

Initial dose is 20 mcg/day.

The optimal recommended dose for bodybuilders for the sake of physique improvement is 100-140 mcg/day.

Female athletes may take a low dose of about 2-5 tablets in a day.

The dosage should be increased progressively from one tablet per day to 5-6 tablets for sufficient adaptation.

The ideal duration is 2-3 weeks. Some athletes may use it for 10-12 weeks; however, its long enough to display certain side effects.

The drug is based on yohimbine two active substances and albuterol. These active ingredients have a number of properties. Between them, the increase of pressure (treatment of the tetralogy), increase the power male, the reduction of them reserves of fat in the body (through the development of a hormone endogenous that burns the FAT). Improve muscle definition, increase energy levels, reduce the time needed to restore the body after exercise. Helps to increase the resistance.

He effect general only is possible with a diet appropriate rich in proteins and calories not is inferior to 2000 kcal, and the training physical regular.

It helps to prevent starvation of muscle protein, contribute to their recovery.

Is used mainly for the drying, since this drug is very effective in the burning of fat.


It albuterol course and it dose


The dose is 20 mg per day. The dose depends on of the effect desired, but not is can bend the dose or the use concomitantly with other drugs without consult to a medical.

Not recommended for use in women, pregnant women, breast feeding, as adolescents up to 18 years (since the bone tissue is formed in this period).

Use only in the absence of contraindications and individual sensitivity to the drug. An essential part of the course is a diet high in protein and high in calories.

Beginners should start with minimum dose, and three days to see the reaction of the organism. In the absence of effects side can follow the course, and to increase the dose.

To the home of the course, you should consult to a medical to avoid those effects side or allergies not intentional.

Clebol views

Not cause effects side in compliance of the standards.

Based on a review, the drug in a way quickly and effectively promotes the increase of muscle and strength.

Win mass muscle, the majority of them athletes are satisfied with the course of taking the drug.

However, some were difficult of follow a diet, because that increases considerably the appetite, as

eat more. Not is produce problems to the take the drug, if is included in the rate

The medication helps to obtain quickly the mass muscle, increase your prominence. It also increases the libido and the sexual health of men. It is very effective during drying.

For a reasonable price you can buy this medication and achieve the desired results.

The effects side

Until the drug during a particular course and no overdose, toxic effects on the body will not do it. But if the consumption of inappropriate reactions occur such as: the fat content of the skin, hair loss, growth of body hair, loss of hair, yellowing of urine, pain during urination. High blood pressure, acne, rashes all over the body. Masculinization, the reduction of mama in the women. The gastro-intestinal tract disorders.

The reduction of breasts in women and its growth in men. Pain to the urination, urine tone Brown, oiliness of the skin. The trembling of hands, excessive sweating, nausea, insomnia, sleep disorders, heart palpitations.

In moderate doses, there is no toxic effect on the kidneys.

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