Prolobolic 250 (Asia Anabolic) 250mg/ml

Prolobolic 250 (Asia Anabolics) 250mg/ml

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Product: Prolobolic 250

Manufacture: Asia Anabolics
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 1 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Cypionate

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Prolobolic 250 (Asia Anabolics) 250 mg/ml

A protein that is capable of delivering from muscle protein starvation during 12 hours. The muscles are strengthened and continue to work for a long time. It has a number of positive properties

It has the best anabolic matrix and anti-catabolic protein of all that are available today.

There are no limits of time in taking the medication, you can take in the morning, before or after exercise, before going to bed. It has improved the form supplemented with glutamine and amino acids of chain branched.

The testosterone cypionate course and dose

Take only if you do not have individual sensitivity to the drug or contraindications.

Not take the women that breastfeeding for them women pregnant, since them young minors of 18 years. The dose should be calculated according to body weight, as well as an expected effect of the drug.

To get advice by please contact to our representatives suitable for you form of communication. Before take refer to your medical and know the details of the label. Recommend to take before training, after training and before going to bed.

The testosterone cypionate dosage is of 33 grams at a time.

Testosterone cypionate views

The medication helps to increase muscle definition, promote them to radicals of excretion from the body, which in turn inhibits the growth of muscle fibers.

This drug is safe for the body, provided it is strictly for the use of doses of not duplicating them.

It is very efficient and accessible to all.

It combines perfectly with other Anabolics, so the combined courses are not uncommon. In turn, that allow to improve even more the results of taking this medication.

Thanks to the high-quality structure, considered it reasonable today is the drug at the reception one of the most secure and safe on the market.

For a very decent price, the athlete has the opportunity to get a drug that significantly improve the results of the training.

Incorporates vitamin and mineral complex, that has an effect positive about the performance of all those systems body. It has no significant side effects.

No ballast and non-functional components, easy to digest, which is made of natural raw materials.

It improves mood, combat fatigue, decreases the amount of time required to restore power, opposes catabolic processes, prevents obesity, strengthens immunity, prophylaxis in the body of the disease.

Testosterone cypionate side effects

Without prejudice of the dose and the speed of the drug correct, those effects side will be. The drug is excreted rapidly from the body. Exceptions are the cases of overdose or the use of the drug after the preferred course.

It may be caused by an overdose, vertigo, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting). The same headache, increased blood pressure.

Buy testosterone cypionate

As you can see, it is safe for the body if properly applied. It is non-toxic. And to help you achieve the results desired in a short line.

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