Eurochem CypioJect 200 200mg/1ml [10ml vial]

Eurochem CypioJect 200 200mg/1ml [10ml vial]

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Product: CypioJect 200
Manufacture: Eurochem
Quantity: 200 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Cypionate

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Eurochem CypioJect 200 200mg / 1ml [10ml vial]

We present to your attention a unique modification of the drug to improve sporting achievements and results of the various categories of athletes.

This product is nothing less than the testosterone cypionate. Used much in modern bodybuilding, especially recently.

Cypioject course and dose

The dose of this drug is the most diverse and depends on many factors, such as the physiological health of the athlete, his experience, and many other things.

The dosage scale very long and begins at the level of 250 mg per week and ends at 1000 mg. More moderate dose showing the athlete, who are starting to use anabolic steroids, as well as athletes who are recovering from injury or surgery.

The doses over 500 mg per week are displayed in more advanced athletes, that they have no problem with their health, have an intense training program and one balanced diet enough.

Doses of up to 1000 mg per week and all professional bodybuilders display.

combined preparation course is not very different from the combination of courses or similar medications.

Most commonly, the drug is combined with nandrolone, with a dose of 200 mg per week.

The dose varies with around 200 mg per week.


Cypioject effects

It starts acting as a natural testosterone hormone in the body of the steroid. This causes thickening of the voice, sexual desire, aggression and muscle growth. The work done by recipients anabolic, causing the muscle to retain more nitrogen, which, in turn, are muscle proteins.

Cypioject side effects

The disadvantage of the preparation, and other modifications based on esters of testosterone that is flavored, or in other words converted into estrogen. When the male body produces too much estrogen begin to appear feminine traits: Gynecomastia, water retention, deposition of fat in the female type, and there is a decrease in sexual desire, and testicular atrophy. Most of the undesirable effects can be avoided if the drug is used properly.

Cypioject views

As with all modifications injectable testosterone on the basis of, this drug causes a significant increase in muscle mass and strength during a cycle.

The drug can cause symptoms of Gynecomastia, which manifests as pain, swelling or induration in the nipples. To prevent this disease using drugs auxiliary Nolvadex or Clomid. It is a well-known and have long preparations and reflective, which are used in courses after the course of therapy in combination with a number of anabolic steroids. Its action is mainly aimed to reduce to a minimum the impact of estrogen excess. They also help to improve the absorption of the drug, but at the end of the course allows the maximum out of the body.

Since testosterone is the primary male androgen, we can also expect that the development of androgenic side effects. It depends largely on the speed with which the drug is capable of converting into dihydrotestosterone. As a result, perhaps the manifestation of phenomena such as increased sweating and oily skin, acne, hair growth in the body and face. In some cases, the opposite effect is possible on the contrary - active hair loss until all the baldness.

For those who could put in doubt the action of the drug, be sure to check comments or order directly from the athletes who took the medication. Even despite its side effects, which are characteristic of all anabolic steroids, especially those who are modifications of testosterone, its effectiveness and benefits when used properly is really valuable.

In addition, many athletes are preparing for their good properties combined with other anabolics. Or that say once more that you can strengthen significantly and improve the results of your training.

In addition, a wide range of doses allows you to take it to all the categories of athletes, from beginners and those who are only familiar with Anabolics in the sport of professionals with years of experience.

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