Naposim Terapia (5 mg/tab) 100 tabs

Naposim Terapia (5 mg/tab) 100 tabs

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Product: Naposim
Manufacturer: Terapia
Quantity: 5 mg/tablet
Pack: 100 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methandienone

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Naposim therapy (5 mg/tab) 100 tabs

Description and Uses

Naposim is immensely influential anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is actually deliberated as one of the pioneers in the category of anabolic steroids, that is particularly used for the purpose of mass building and strength enhancement. The active constituent is known as Methandienone/Methandrostenolone.

If you are a regular athlete and want to gain mass in the bulking stages, you don’t have to wait; and just choose Naposim for the superlative bulky musculature!! Here are some paramount anabolic effects of Naposim that makes it the most commanding steroid supplement of the present day;

  • Protein metabolism for mass development
  • Positive nitrogen equilibrium
  • Ability to recover the body from muscle strains

Naposim is capable of being aromatized and produces some estrogen related effects such as;

Pronounced water retention

Joint lubrication

Cushioning effect to connective tissues

Promotes amazingly pain free physical workouts

Offers immensely firm support for musculoskeletal framework

Fat accumulation

Massive muscle appearance

Pumping muscle effect


Terapia- A well-established pharmaceutical company based in Cluj, Romania. It is known for the manufacture and export of superior quality pharmaceutical products in almost all over the world. This company has the special honor of a bio-equivalence laboratory endorsed by GCP.


Dosage and course


Recommended daily dosage


A beginner’s dose

Pro-level athlete’s dose

Duration of the cycle

Anticipated efficacy

15-40 mg/day

4-6 hours

15-25 mg/day

Up to 50 mg/day

5 mg/25 lbs. of body weight

4-6 weeks

A gain of 2-4 pound body weight within one week


Common medications that substance - methandienone. It is used to increase the performance of force, mass, bone structure, increase the synthesis of proteins, increase in appetite, anti-catabolic activity.

It is used to move quickly in a short period of time, the set of masses. The average weight up to two kg increase a week for 7 weeks.

Weight increases that are at the same time the growth of tissue and fluid that is retained in

the body (to the expiration of that used with tamoxifen and Proviron). Within 4 hours

achieved maximum concentration in the blood and is even after four weeks. The calcium concentration is increased in the bones.

Methandienone effect is also expressed in the increase of the concentration of nitrogen and to improve the efficiency of sports organization.

The course and the methandienone dose

The dose of the drug will be different depending on who you are: Weight lifter, bodybuilder, athlete

Powerlifting. Men use the drug at a dose of 10 - 50 mg per day over the course of weeks 7 standard. However, dose intake should respond to individual needs in the body.

For those who are just beginning the dose must be 20 mg per day, but at the same time, with

essential loads effect can be seen after 9 weeks.

Taken apart and parallel to a combination with medications like Winstrol and Nandrlon.

For best results, standardized dose should be divided into two steps per day, and that a drug is active in the blood up to 4 hours. Is not recommended to use

women as either possible masculinization. But there are women who are not sensitive to

drugs, in such exceptional cases, the receipt must not exceed 10 mg per day.

Experienced athletes increased 2 times the dose (50 mg)

If after receiving the course, you can not double the dose, it is necessary to take all the same dose and in the

steroid injection drug use to choose. You can (200 mg nandrolone

for 6 days) or Primobolan® (200 mg) in six days, we can just as well go to one of these drugs.

Naposim views

Gain muscle mass, most of the athletes are satisfied with the course of taking the drug.

However, some were difficult to follow a diet, since it greatly increases the appetite, as

eat more. No problems occur when taking the drug, if included in the rate anti-oestrogens (tamoxifen).


But prevailing positive feedback. For the first time in the gain of desired charging weight of 2-3 kg. This exercise should be performed usiliney, choose the harder exercises such as the increase in power capacity

Naposim side effects

When the drug is used in the required dose does not cause side effects. but

They noted some cases the occurrence of increased activity of the robots Sebaceous

glands, acne, decreased libido (during reception increased)

the retention of water in the body. As the active substance may lead to the decrease in the concentration of testosterone in the body, but only with long-term use of the drug.

Toxic to the liver, as well as other drugs. It is important to respect the individual

the dose, since its excess can lead to the destruction of the liver.

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