Somatrope Pharm (1x15IU)

Somatrope Pharm (1x15IU)

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Product: Somatrope
Manufacturer: Pharm Chemical
Quantity: 5mg
Pack: 15IU

Steroid cycle: cutting, bulking

Active substance: human growth hormone

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Somatrope Pharm (1x15IU)

Description and Uses

Somatrope is essentially a synthetic form of growth hormone that is endogenously secreted in the pituitary gland. It is merely concerned with the growth, development and renewal of musculoskeletal characteristics.

With ageing, growth hormone release begins to decrease with the each passing year and this man-made supplement helps in the stimulation of anti-ageing effects in the elderly people.

Somatrope is not an ordinary supplement as it has a comprehensive range of applications in the treatment of stunted and retarded growth of children such as in Turner’s syndrome.

Currently, Somatrope is also prevalent among bodybuilders and professional athletes or sport players for its abilities of providing enhanced stamina, augmented strength, amplified excessive fat burning, upgraded body condition, improved bone density and cell rejuvenation. It is a well-matched drug for aged people as it has an incredible capability to reverse the ageing process. Studies suggest that, it plays a great role in protein and carbohydrate metabolism to impart sufficiently noteworthy anabolic effects.


Dosage and course

It is recommended to get it administered intra-muscularly (deep into the muscle) or subcutaneously (below the dermis).

As per administration guidelines, the powdered growth hormone is first mixed into a saline water to make an injectable solution which is then drawn out of the vial based on the recommended dose via syringe and then eventually injected.

The ideal acclaimed dosage for athletes is 0.01-0.1 mg/kg of body weight.

The already existent IGF-1 levels must get checked before taking Somatrope.

Overdose of the drug must be avoided to aver the abnormal growth of body features and unspecified growth of unwanted cancer cells.

The optimal duration of the cycle should be 3-4 weeks.


It is growth hormone (also known as "accordion" in the jargon of the experienced athletes). During the last couple of years, I have gained much popularity in many sporting disciplines.

Claiming the drug on the menu of any athlete. It has many positive features, disk capacity system musculoskeletal (lubrication and restoration of the joints, ligaments, bone strengthening), fat, high quality weight gain burning, stop destructive processes in the muscles (after the hard training is very to the point).

The range of its application does not stop at bodybuilding, and is much broader, Marathon, swimming, skiing, wrestling, and many others.

Thus shown in practice for women after giving birth several times, all of them tried to restore the form and get relief but never happen that, and only passing a course of growth hormone took note of the excellent relief, tighten the muscles and improve the quality of the skin.

Somatrope 15 IU dose

Often is used and them athletes and the level of beginner, for example, often the practice there are gymnasts and athletes athletics that want to get something of weight of quality without any damage to the body, in such cases an excellent combination is a course of 2 months in the 10 units of somatrope and 30 mg Fund smooth Turinabol. Given adequate nutrition, it is very possible to get a mass of high quality 4-5.

Great meaning has the drug for the bodybuilding and lifting of weights, as with the use of AAS, afternoon or early is starts the delay of the growth (even to dose high), here comes helps and the hormone of the growth, the addition welcome to its course, that will begin gradually to progress.

In order to clarify the situation, we would like to inform you that, despite the absence of side effects, this medication should be used only if they adhere to certain rules in the field of nutrition, training and standby.

Somatrope 15 IU course

The use of HGH is quite varied, here is some of the basic forms of your application:

In this course of weightlifting that lasts from 2 to 3 months taking 10-15 units per day. Depending on the objectives of the growth hormone is supplemented with the appropriate drugs, to increase the mass of Sustanon 500 mg per week and methane from 40 - 50 mg per day, in total 8 weeks, then the exit to the test. propionate for two weeks at a dose of 300-400 per week and immediately FCT course.

To achieve a good relief, the course could look like this. HGH 3 months to 10 units per day, Winstrol (50 mg per day), testosterone propionate (100 mg every other day), Winstrol and propionate used for about 8 weeks. TPC is then done with tamoxifen. This kit can be complemented with fat, such as clenbuterol, or T-3 burner.

Still used with great success in the bridges between courses (10 units per day for two months), which allows you to keep the form on a strong course of steroids and restore the body during this time.

Where to buy Somatrope

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