Methandrostenolon Akrihin (5 mg/tab) 100 tabs

Methandrostenolon Akrihin (5 mg/tab) 100 tabs

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Product: Methandrostenolon
Manufacturer: Akrihin
Quantity: 5 mg/tablet
Pack: 100 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methandrostenolon

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Methandrostenolon Akrihin

Description and Uses

If you want to have immensely strong bones with stupendously pumping muscle gains, methandrostenolon is one of the superior steroid supplements to meet your pre-requisites.

This oral variant is greatly appreciated in the circle of bodybuilders and sportsmen for its wide-ranging capacities such as;

  •        Anabolic effects, including protein synthesis and metabolism
  •        Nitrogen balance
  •        Stable calcium levels
  •        Improved and stimulated the appetite
  •        Better food intake
  •        Noteworthy androgenic properties
  •        Quick muscle mass accumulation

Methandrostenolon is a prime bulking agent as it gets transformed into estrogen and conveys effects such as gynecomastia, subcutaneous and visceral fat aggregation complemented by fluid retention. All these features combine to give a a magnified muscle expression. Studies have suggested that it can offer 1-3 kg of mass gain within one week.

Akrihin- One of the prominent pharmaceutical companies based in Russia. It is well-reputed for its high quality, affordable and dynamic medicinal products emerging across the global networks.

Dosage and course


Recommended dose of mid-level athletes

Dose for advanced mass builders

Duration of the course

Half-life period

How to use

Ideal drug combination

50-100 mg/day

100-200 mg/day

8 weeks

4-5 hours

It must be administered on a daily basis to keep blood plasma levels stable

It can be cycled with 400 mg/week of Nandrolone Decanoate for strength and accentuated musculatrue


Methandrostenolone (quinacrine) - a popular steroid which for their skills are highly valued by many athletes from around the world. Today there are a variety of different versions of the drug.

Differ in some additional components, however these changes of bases in all of the same substance.

Course methandrostenolone

The drug has a positive effect on the metabolism in the body of a bodybuilder, therefore, improves and balances. Improved and greatly accelerated the process of the synthesis of proteins in the body. It is not necessary to remind once again that from this process, firstly depends on the growth of muscle in the body of the athlete. Therefore, on the basis of this suggests that the drug is very effective influence on the growth and strengthening of muscle mass. Thanks to him, also improves the balance of nitrogen in the body is much better absorbed calcium, strengthens bone and human muscle tissue.

It is also a very positive effect on the appetite of the athlete, significantly strengthens it. Not to say once more that good nutrition in bodybuilding plays the same role, as well as complex of exercises.

There is a small caveat. The use of this drug to the categories of athletes, working to a greater extent in order to achieve a beautiful relief body is not recommended. As the drug it has the property of accumulation of fluid in the body, for these athletes who will not be too friendly, and the expected effect.

In general, if we talk about the side effects, which significantly reduces their course will allow after a course of therapy with tamoxifen.

Methandrostenolone of drug dose is considered that it is a purely individual matter. It depends at the time you have, and your goals. The daily intake of steroid can vary from 10 to 50 ml.

Practices of initiation that the best is to start taking the medication at lower doses. Depending on the dose of bodybuilding experience it can be increased gradually. But we must not succumb to them. It showed that more than more than 50 ml dose does not lead to a significant increase in the performance of the drug. However, on the contrary, a dose likely accelerate the occurrence of side effects.

On the other hand, it must be said about the combination of this drug with other anabolics. Due to its composition, which combines perfectly with almost all anabolic injectables. A good solution would be to separate the drug in several parts. This is not only convenient for the athlete, but also to improve the effect of the drug, which will make it more optimized.

The combination of the drug with oxandrolone or stanozolol added significantly to the physical strength and endurance.


Methandrostenolone side effects

The side effects of this drug are very similar to other anabolic like pobochki.

The athletes say strong headaches, nausea and, in some cases, vomiting. Significant jumps in blood pressure was also seen.

The majority of side effects are usually the result of improper administration of the drug, the dose of the race and so on. It's absolutely do not worth the penalty.

Most of the side effects as already mentioned, is resolved and is removed by passing a special after the course of therapy.

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Исходный текст Methandrostenolone (quinacrina) - un esteroide popular que, por sus habilidades son muy valoradas por muchos atletas de todo el mundo.

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