Cypionax Body Research (200 mg/ml) 2ml

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Product: Cypionax
Manufacturer: Body Research
Quantity: 200 mg/ml
Pack: 2ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Cypionat

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Cypionax Body Research (200 mg/ml) 2ml

Description and Uses

Cypionax is a valuable steroid product manufactured by Body Research.

Testosterone Cypionate is a long acting steroid due to the attachment of long chain ester with the parent molecule. Since, testosterone is responsible for the expression of male sexual characteristics and features accompanied with a remarkable muscle mass and strength. In the similar way, this injectable formulation deals with the provision of substantial muscle gain and extremely persistent strengthening outcomes.

As a general rule, testosterone cypionate occupies a special place in the world of bodybuilding as it is easily aromatized and promotes the bloated muscular appearance with fat and fluid retention by virtue of its estrogen associated effects. The anabolic responses include significant protein synthesis and immense rejuvenating effects (if coupled with a high calorie diet).

Greater protein metabolism promotes the tissue building effect and leads to the development of an accurate sized muscle mass.

Dosage and course

The initial recommended dose is 50-100 mg/day.

The starting dose is particularly for an efficient acclimatization of the drug with the body conditions.

It fulfills all the mass and muscle building requirements of a bodybuilder if administered accurately.

The half-life is about 12-14 days. Testosterone cypionate shows a gradual release with sufficiently pronounced and persistent effect.

It shows a peak of efficacy within 24-48 hours, followed by a decline. On 12th day, the rate of action becomes constant and stays for the period of long time in the body.

The ideal duration of the course is 6-10 weeks.

It can be cycled with other mild and strong bulking agents such as Deca-Durabolin, Equopoise and other testosterone esters.


Today we bring you another drug from a line Body Research pharmaceutical company.

The basis of the active ingredient of the drug testosterone esters have been taken.

Testosterone cypionate course and dose

While the duration of the action of the drug is big enough, injections are performed once a week, which could save a high concentration.

Since the drug contains esters of testosterone, which involves some special features. In particular, the side effects. To avoid to the extent possible, it is necessary, at the end of the course to move to the stage after a course of therapy. As in many other cases, it is with such drugs tested and proven long as tamoxifen and Proviron. In the case of a significant excess of the rate (more than 4 weeks) it is not superfluous to add gonadotropin. This will be removed effective drug at the expiration of the acceptance of the body.

A good drug benefit is its ability in combination with other drugs. In particular, it is well suited and works with nandrolone.

Of course, if the drug is used in combination courses, its dosage is significantly reduced and will be proportional to the drugs, which are taken in parallel.

Every athlete who intends to take the medication on a regular basis is important to know that the observance of optimal and recommended doses will not only improve the positive effects of the drug, but will also help to avoid many of the negative consequences of his admission.

Dosage for beginners is about 250 mg per week. The dose can be increased up to 800 mg per week for athletes with more experience and confidence.

In this range, following the completion of the course will be observed good results in a net increase in muscle mass.

Exceeding the dose of 800 mg per week, athletes can begin to actively develop the symptoms of side effects.

Testosterone cypionate views

Athletes who take the drug say good properties, which leads to effective recruitment of muscle mass and burn excess fat. However, at the same time, taking into account its high propensity for the conversion to estrogen in the body. This in turn is the reason why at the end of the course of the necessary skills to start after a course of therapy.

The role of this drug in bodybuilding is undeniable, since it constitutes a good influence in the muscle growth process, to strengthen it.

In addition, significantly increased athlete performance power, its strength, what is very important during the cycle of heavy and tiring trainings.

Testosterone cypionate side effects

The main side effects of the drug are the loss of hair on the head and body, up to total baldness, the Suppression of its own testosterone case. Natural v of the violation of an overdose of the drug may be a manifestation of the symptoms of gynecomastia.

Most of these side effects can be corrected with a simple prevention, which is moderately and avoid taking the overdose of drugs from them, as well as after the course of therapy with the help of special loan amounts.

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