IGF 1 LR 3 - 1mg - BIO-PEPTIDE

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Product: IGF 1 LR 3

Manufacturer: Bio Peptide
Quantity: 1mg
Package: 10ml
Steroid cycle: growth
Active principle: IGF 1 LR 3

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IGF 1 LR 3 - 1mg - BIO-PEPTIDE

Today speaks of a single hormone - IGF 1 LR 3 - 1mg - BIO-PEPTIDE.

So, what is unique? This hormone is classified as a biologically active hormone. In humans that forms and accumulates in the liver mass and muscle.

In the body, which acts as an important complement to the growth hormone responsible for growth of the human body and its normal development.

Hormonal course

Laboratory studies, which were conducted at different times in different countries in the field of sports Pharmacology experts revealed shocking results. The fact that in the course of the investigation, we found that insulin-like growth factor is simply necessary modern bodybuilders. Especially strongly they are young athletes.

Approximate duration of the course set in around 3-4 weeks. This period is sufficient to produce the desired result and the performance of tasks.

In terms of the dose, the daily dose of the drug should be around 100 mg per day. Beginner bodybuilders may advise a dose of 50 micrograms. It is possible and even necessary to split the dose intake into several parts. This is not only convenient for the majority of bodybuilders, but it is also good for the activation of the drug in the body, giving it time to reveal all the reservations.

the most advanced and experienced athletes can receive and 150 mg of the drug per day, but not to abuse the dose. They are designed in such a way as to provide the most beneficial effect on the body with optimal amounts.

Hormones views

We are going to talk about specific things. This hormone is contrary to all expectations and hopes, does not affect the growth of muscle mass. It has a slightly different purpose. It stimulates the hyperplasia of the muscle fibers. In this case, at present there is no drug that can deal with this problem better.

So it is especially important for older athletes. At more advanced ages, stimulating hyperplasia is a very difficult task. Therefore, taking the drug with the category of athletes is the only normal way out of this situation.

The drug also has a good effect on the cardiovascular and immune systems of the human body.

Hormones side effects

Some of the side effects of the drug are derived from their positive qualities. For example, any stimulation of the muscle growth and stimulation means several tumors that are in the body. If they are benign, it can only benefit. However, they are not malignant and, also in this case, they begin to grow and develop. What may be an option to get out of the situation? qualitative and comprehensive medical examination to precisely identify those tumors of low quality. But even so, keep in mind that even the medical examination further does not guarantee detection guarantee of 100% of all malignant tumours in humans.

Also still have not received an answer to the question of whether the right decision to take the drug in a single course, without the use of hormones and external anabolic steroids. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is still open.

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