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Product: GHRP-6
Manufacturer: Bio Peptide
Quantity: 10mg
Package: 10ml
Steroid cycle: growth
Active principle: GHRP-6

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We present our unique hormone, the importance and the value of what is now very large.

This drug is a peptide that improves the synthesis of growth hormone. Initially, the drug was invented to treat people who suffer from deficiency of growth hormone in the body, but over time was quite widespread popularity among the representatives of the sports of power (including bodybuilding).

It stimulates the secretion of growth hormone itself. It is often used with another of GHRP-2 GH-releasing peptide and they are very similar in its action. One of the best peptides sales posted not only as a means to improve the recovery process, but also as a preparation for rehabilitation after injuries.

Hormonal course

GHRP-6 in many respects similar to GHRP-2, the main difference is that the second approximately 1.5 more potent growth hormone booster, able to improve somewhat stronger appetite.

If you are taking the main purpose of the drug is fast and high-quality set of muscle mass, there is a need to give the injection of a substance 3 days 100 mcg. Of course cheaper, effective 2 months. Put GHRP-6 must be earlier than after 40-60 minutes after eating, after GHRP-6 do not eat carbohydrates and fats ideally better than nothing to eat.

The optimal dose of GHRP-6, 1 g per 1 kg of body weight.

Please note that as in the case with many other hormones such drugs, dose calculation is carried out in this way. Why so, and that in the final stage receives a bodybuilder? First of all, thanks to this regime, each player has the possibility of individually adjusting the dose of the drug, according to its own weight. For example, an athlete who weighs more, no doubt will have a large dose of the drug, on the basis of its own weight. On the other hand the same athlete that has a lower weight will take a lower dose. Therefore, receiving an opportunity to clearly regulate the dose itself without taking this extra dose of the drug. Reception is conducted in an efficient and optimal manner.

Hormones views

Like other hormones, their impact positive impact on the growth of muscular athlete. Also in the same burn excess fat and waste, increasing the ligaments and bones, strengthens the immune system of the body.

Since the drug is classified as hormones, but also has an impact on the skin, as well as human hair and rejuvenates them, there is a healing effect.

In addition, to receive the drug reached a beautiful relief body.

Above the external effects of the drug have been described. But in addition to them there are internal results. For example, the hormone is able to positively influence the human liver, which helps restore the natural function and protects against harmful environmental influences.

The side effects

In laboratory studies, and other harmful effects of the side effects on the human body were found. For this reason, prescribed often, even children, to achieve the best performance with the growth hormone. On the other hand, it won't have any detrimental effect in adults and male body formed.

Where to buy hormones

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